Poltergeist the muse 000114
abulia the mime 000710
moonshine the beloved 000710
SrM who are you?? 000710
daxle lynch 000710
abulia bowie 000710
spiked_poisoned duchovny
(I'm not apologising for that!!)
David ... is me. 000906
splinken all the davids i know are full of mischief.

and they smoke. camels, generally.
David there's more than one of us. whups. 000906
moonshine All the davids I know, I love. Vegetarians, non smoking odd balls. 000906
silentbob david schwimmer seems really nervous on the Howard Stern show, right now, lemme tell ya 001002
kronoman My dad... A good man. 001119
skittles crack whore kronoman's a suck up. 001216
misstree apathy, my scarlet muse. 001216
coral im falling so hard for a david. a david j actually.
crazily kissable
orally special I too feel the wrath
that sweet, sticky trap
Davids are the bomb
(he sure blew me away, or was it off)
baby smile and skinny legs
that often walked him to frat keggers
and Susan/Leah/Ashley/Kim's dorm
So hopeful you could just drown in the
purple taste of him, but
Years won't dissolve the
jello of your David-love
you just lick the whipped cream off
and pray to all the gods and buddha too
that he will jiggle your way again
just to kiss those lippers
and dance to that Enya song in the dark
you know the one, they all sound the same. The Davids, I mean.
katie why won't you love me? 010415
nocturnal I was in love with this guy named david once. so, in my obsessed way, I looked up his name and it means something like, "nice guy" or something. I thought that fit. all the davids I know act like assholes to everyone, but they really are some of the nicest guys when it comes to the important stuff. you just have to get to know them. well, except that one, but that's another story entirely. 010415
jennifer the ass
(hmm. how the past repeats itself)
mr. do you like wittle? 010416
nobody how about little girlz? 010416
bluedaisy33 i wish i knew 010416
lil red (sad) girlie I just keep coming back
hearing his name in a crowd
or the passing traffic
it could be him

even now i am longing
for the nothing i never had
with david
(for yor dove) If your David is gay you can call him Gayvid

courtesy of Emilita
sweetheart of the song tra bong And I DO call him Gayvid.

He's cute.

Thanks baby.
comicsgirl i always get crush for the ones who have this name.
i think it means something to me.
dls it could be him

no one ever knows

david is dead

david is dying

david is david
aeon flux I love a David now, who is also a Dave, that also loves a Nancy. there was a Lindsay, but shes gone now :D 011020
Sonya My first love, my friend, my confidant, my fellow humorist. I remember so much with you David. And with you I will never forget, nor would I want to. You're the only one with whom I have no regrets. I found no manipulations with you since you really are a boy in a boy's body and have enough courage to speak the truth. 011021
Annie111 Reminds me of the actual statue of David, because he has that kind of look. He always laughed at my jokes in a hearty kind of way, like his soul was touched, which in turn touched my soul.

Once, i thought i wanted him, but i was just playing because he wanted me.
ClairE Lisa.

There are two kinds of David. One is Dave, a grain-grown mid_western kind of guy, who laughs and is goofy and sometimes large.

The other is sensitive and dark_haired and Jewish, with liquid eyes.

I've never loved one yet.
mcdougall just yesterday it ended for sam and david. sam is heart broken but david doesn't seem to be effected at all. it makes me wonder if david ever really liked her in the first place. i know i did, more than anyone else in the world. now i am wondering wether or not i still do. 011129
spiregrain If you throw your stones at me,
I will not take it very well.
you knew id say it . . gilmour 020109
kelli crane and goliath 020114
bethany i too was first loved by a david
and i can gather from the rest of you's ... it wasn't good
isn't david schwimmer nervous all the time?
tabia is a creative genius, but a cruel, vicious person. he is a beautiful, sexy boyman who has a dark sense of humour. he is an excellent conversationalist who will use all of the above things to enchant and entangle you in his web of deceit. he will be at once physical and then "not interested" in sex (with you) anymore. Power and Money hungry, he only befriends or shows limited, spastic affection and charm to those who can get him closer to his true loves: Fame and Fortune. but, perhaps this is just the Woodardian Davids. ;-] 020602
kerry huge sexual vibe, he was in the hot tub making bubbles in his trunks, what's so sexy about that? he put on her bathing suit and we took pictures for the school paper, he sews up his one clothes...
he still won't confess his love to my best friend, i know he wants her. he's writing her a song for her birthday, he was the only guy at her party and it's just not fair. she's going in circles.
kerry **he sews up his own clothes 020602
freakizh see the_weirdest_dream 020602
bethany the 10 millionaire my mom is marrying
our family always ends up with davids
and we never really love them
but they stick round a while
gay gizmo long enough to pay for everything for you....and your FRIENDS 021002
Eva Gritando en el llano
Me buscas por nombre
Y no me hallas
Me acuerdo de tu amor
intimate y egoísta
rapido y iresponsible
sigma y tu mama tambien.

it's all the spanish i know.
Gilraen (s.h.o.t.h) I wish I could walk up to David,
And take his hand in mine.
I wish I could have told him,
I’ll have to try next time.
I want to see David smile,
When he looks at me.
I want to ask David,
If we will ever really be.
When I look at David,
I wonder if he knows.
The way I feel about him,
And how I watch him as he goes.
Gilraen (s.h.o.t.h) I’ve now walked up to David,
I’ve touched his hand with mine.
I am still unable to tell him,
But I spoke to him this time.
I have now seen David smile,
When I found him looking at me.
Maybe I and David,
May some day really be.
When I look at David,
I know that it must show.
The way I feel about him,
But now I join him as he goes.
shivers everyone loves him

except me
TheMarryMeGirl David's are always really nice to be around 030904
misstree oh david, my darling muse, the first taste of scarlet that set my tongue on fire... your ghost haunts me now, the lessons i learned from you are being taught to others, the passion and distance, the quiet pains, the taste of blood and ashes... many others have moved within me, have captured me and set me reeling with words and words and words gushing embarrassed, uncontrolled, but none will ever touch your gift, the first, my own, the one that made everything possible.

david, darling david, i hope that you still Live.
karl the weed my real name is david. 030904
doll me up Oh yeah, David G... what's his name from the Foo Fighters, he is cute but no no no
i feel really bad around him, like an awful disease.
i think i'm dumb or have low self-esteem
my demonoidness expands itself and i know i'm really rotten
doll oh, i am so rotten
terrible, terrible person
see? now i have to leave and dwell upon my twisted mistaken ways
shivers spoke to soon
gone for under an hour and i cant wait to see u again
cherish the moment right?
i feel silly, in a good way
Miss Kaycie Rose I love his dark curly hair. I love his hazel oceany eyes. I love his bright white smile. I love his big heart. I love how he cares. I love how he holds me. I love his knowledge. I love him. I love David. 040707
Raina Daughter of David Dad, I miss you so much 040707
zspookster i hate that name. what a shame. 040808
oren _avi_

david is full of technology.
ClairE I can't wait to look back on this and chuckle to myself. So unsure, will you be a dad, will I be a mom with you? 090511
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