silentbob talk, said, spoken, words, sentences, phrases, phrase, conversation, talking, stated, state, statement 050131
silentbob broken 050929
Snook The moment you said it I knew both
truth and lies
spartawinsthewar i felt as if i had spoken a word.
but really, i had said
nothing at all.
oren Attach a playing_card to the_rear brace of your bicycle, using a wooden clothes_pin, so that the spokes will hit the card's edge. Such a great sound when riding. 051111
andru235 hubba hubba 051112
sisyphus a single part of a wheel - a red bicycle with wheels and spokes and memories. we all remember red bicycles, even though no one has a red bicycle anymore. just jet planes and motor scooters. 060904
nom i have a red bicycle. i bought it yesterday. it's old. 060905
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