vicious genius
Tess occasional sparks would seem to pass overhead, but sometimes passage underground leaving our eyes looking open at vacancy in air. 000117
purple tzar you know who you are
and I hope you enjoy it
branching out to the people next door
via a certain electronic forum
when you could just go for a walk or sit in a smoky cafe
sipping lattes and
making life into a bad play.
marjorie quietly slipping in ideas
you thought you would never be held accountable
did you ever consider...
every word you say is being stored
stored for when we might lose our way
and in the end, if you do not have the right words to give us,
we'll be lost forever
the art of conversation was lost
and nobody knows how to repaint it
but at least we have coffee...
oodles "I love conversations that start with 'I can't stop thinking about you'."
--Joan of Playing by Heart
decoy these little conversations
well for me they'll never do
now what am I supposed to do with
broken sentences of you?
-Concrete Blonde
Brad a quick minute perusing the jazz_slang_of_the_day page, and you will be communicating with me and my colleagues in no time. 000622
jennifer if you fall
one evening twilight,
you should fall like a sun,
and behind you thousands of shooting stars.

~nevzat celik
pope john denver II the_end_of_life_in_america 010219
Dafremen so rare these days. Seems like anymore it's just two people taking turns saying what they want to. At least they take turns, I suppose that's something to be thankful for.

I honestly wish that more people knew what I know, had seen what I saw in that vision one day. In the one brief moment of mental clarity, I found the answer I've been searching for, stood in amazement as the words that I had never spoken before poured out of my mouth and answered the questions I've been asking since I was 5. The people just continue to repeat themselves. I've been listening patiently to their endless chatter, hoping to hear one of them say that they know, but they never do. It's always some self-centered drivel about who and what and when and where. I suppose it's interesting in its own way, but I get so disinterested about 5 minutes into it when I realize that I've heard the story before, it's just the names of the places and the people involved that have changed.

There is truth, I know what it is and I truly LONG to scream it out so that everyone will know, but I know that they'll just wait for me to finish, let me take my turn, then talk about whatever it is that they had on their mind at the time.
katie i think that i think that you and i are no two people who hate to say what we mean to say so we sit and think and sit and smile and say how to how to how do i say what i mean when i'm with you? 010505
girl_jane The best conversation I ever had - we didn't say anything...just silence - but we knew exactly what the other was thinking. 020209
little wonder someone knocked at the door, and my initial reaction was to go down into the basement.
i don't answer the door or the phone at this house anymore.
not after the eucalyptus_incident, anyway.
the doorbell rang a few times, and then the door opened.
my dad came in, and asked for a glass of water.
i was relieved it was him and not one of the others.
he asked if i had time to talk, and i did.
so we sat down and talked.
he felt the same as i did about my mom being in a relationship.
i knew he would.
he also worried about me taking on a surrogate mother role when things were not going so well.
but i can't help that.
i always let others' bad decisions weigh myself down.

i wish that how i felt about it all could have at least a small impact on her decisions.
it's not only how i feel, but what i think about it all.
too much to handle in the little time i've been given.
werewolf what is interesting in a good conversation, is not what is said, but what is referred to. The words there are just the tip of the iceberg. All of the emotional states, and histories that were discarded, or referred to in the words, that were implicitly, but not explicitly present. These are the things of interest in a conversation. To see two people guess and second guess what connections they share with the other person, strategize and summarize and wonder if they were taken how they meant to be taken. In certain situations one word can convey deep work and deep thinking done on it. The word yes for instance, or the word no. If you just got home from the supermarket and someone says the word milk you know in essence what they are asking. And if they say know in essence what they are telling you. However, if you see an old love on the street and ask do you have the time and they say yes is not quite as simple as them checking their watch. The coolest thing is the testing people do with inoccous phrases, the way they see if they can get their intentions through subtly. The way interactions hint at so much more, and that both people share a wise blindness in the things they say, both often being correct and incorrect. Even the most simple conversation is filled with context, is filled with opportunity for harmony and dissonance, and sometimes dissonance serendipitously leading to harmony. A good communicator does not merely consider their own implications, they also consider how the receiver will likely construe, their history and what certain words mean to them. After all it is not enough for some information to lead to associations in the receivers head, the communicator wants them to be the right associations. Yet the excitement is what can go wrong, willfully or no, the slips and creation of new ideas based on initial misunderstandings. Of course all of this is an art, and like all art, the interesting choices are always what is not said. A poem chooses specific words, weeding out the whole universe of language so that specific webs can open, and it makes work of the interplay between the known and the unknown, the ordered and the chaotic. I'm having a conversation but i've got no one to talk to. So i'm gonna stop...but know that i like conversation and would choose it any day over lonliness. Especialy if you add a little physical activity into that conversation. Oh the ways bodies talk...oh the exacting breaths they have, the rich treasure hoard of words missing letters. That's right...your body is one big wheel of fortune and the prize is my life, my existence in the universe. I need you to observe me, just as you need me to observe you. All of the things i'm saying without saying them, all of the implied receivers and speakers and goals and dreams and submissions. They are all in this long winded narrative. But if i timed it right, they could all be in me opening up my mouth and going.....duh 020523
roxanne very neat indeed. but it kinda reminds me of the movie Roxanne when she calls down to Steve martin "words, words...". regardless, werewolf, i envy u. 020523
werewolf you envy me? i envy me too sometimes 020529
me please don't.

please don't ask me.

communicate as you will, but don't ask for a answer, please, don't expect me to listen, If I want people I'll go to a fucking pub, if I want silence I'll come here. Let me sit in my godamn corner and piss about as I see fit. You like my shit? good, tell me.. but.. just don't try to talk to me. Leave a note, spray your appreciation on a wall I'll walk past, but don't reach out PLEASE. If I wanted a chatroom I'd go yahoo chat and waste some brain cells there. this is not a chatroom, what you say here is stored forever! You think I've got time to scroll through pages of other people's chats? You think I came here to find e-friends? Fuck Off.

As someone said previously on blather;

This is not about you.
etoiles so it's 11 months and 3 days and maybe that's not as long as we both like to think because it's the longest we both know. pretty much, i suppose. and of course, i gave love a context for you because you'd never had it before; i defined it for you. and maybe you didn't
do that for me - maybe, just you annotated a definition. i'm really not sure of anything because i'm a talker that can't hold a conversation.
her royal highness the quirk It's the best one I've had in quite a while 040407
Open Mouths Sewn Shut killer 040407
silentbob Me: Do you talk to her often?
Her: We exchanged messages on aim while away.
Me: I'm sure all is well with her. Sometimes i get urges to talk to her but just about melodramatic gossip and i'd rather not.
Her:surely, hopefully. you should email her and tell her what's going on in your iowa_city. i got lots of urges to write lots of people yesterday and she was one of them, but i didn't have time to act on it. it's good to have contact with familiar people
me: agreed.
Lila Pause How is work?
" " school?
" " your family?
" " your love life?

In 30 seconds, reveal to me exactly who you are at very the core of your being:

(...Tell me where you work)
bum bum olivia i thirst for good conversation.

teen-hood is a barren wasteland of small talk. i just want one really good one, come on!

i'm like a guy asking for head.

come on, just this once?
andru235 it's meant for fun
since nothings proven
as the tapestry
of words is woven

i've tried to talk most seriously
they respond quite deliriously
i guess my sense of things dost trouble
my conversations reduced to rubble

but when i seek to fabricate
and open up the humor gate
then the chatting's on and on
tell the truth, see a yawn
***r@|\|$c3|\|d3|\|@|_*** a facade between two individuals...Not really true for most of the time. Interesting to notice it between lemmings, they all say the same things. Parrots... 060903
hsg1437 , n. A fair to the display of the minor mental commodities, each exhibitor being too intent upon the arrangement of his own wares to observe those of his neighbor. -Ambrose Bierce, writer (1842-1914) [The Devil's Dictionary] 070219
no reason people need to be better listeners
there's too much "let's-bounce-back-to-me"-ness around
They call me Truth "I am not that interesting in where you are going; the present is far more intriguing than plans for days unknown and I would be lying if i told you that i wanted to know about your family or your friends, though they might appeal to me at a later date. i would be jiving you if i sat down and tried to play all cool as if this was just another talk in the day. I might fear appearing to be too interested but what benefit would a fear like that bring me.The truth is I am not interested in much. I am not that interested in your status and it really would be a stretch of my mind to desire to know how you see yourself. I am sure my views of God or vastly different from mine and I have resolved that that is irrelevent. i could ask you a bunch of filler questions but that would cause myself to feel like a fraud and a liar because my questions are not to know you, it is only to keep the conversation going on a light non offensive tone. Sex? I might want to eventually. But sex is too small of a motivation for me. Sex is a later venture for me. What i want from you right now is just enough to determine what i will want from you in the future. Friend, lover, acquaintance. You do have a choice in the matter but my determination has little to do with you. I am not testing you, it is more of a test of self, to see how much of this conversation i won't try to script to impress you, to make you feel comfortable or to try to decieve you into thinking that I have no faults that will be problematic in a relationship. my head works differently than most. But even if all of this is the truth, people are naturally suspicious and don't trust strangers. I do not particularly believe that I am worthy of your trust. i too, am acquiring information, but not to make a judgment about you but to push the limits of what me and you can be and then work in the parameters of those limits. I am sure, however, i f we continue to be ______ i will influence you and parameters will stretch. No, this is not a normal conversation of a first meeting but it is an honest one.
What's my name? Well.

f *there are no limits*


your words are hard and cold (this is honesty)

Silence is more beautiful,
"is silence a sound?"

Well it is the same as asking ....
"are black and white colours?"
Maybe not but without them colour would not exist. Silence is the most beautiful sound of all.

What is your reality?
Questions and answers?

Why can't people let things be as they are.
The weakness of human beings.. they will not accept not knowing the answers. Who said that we should be so cleaver to know?

Things just are, maybe there is a beginning and an end to everything but then again maybe everything is just one continuous cycle. I'm not worried about not knowing the answer.

The SE page in my dictionary is ripped out. The word sex sounds disgusting to me. "Making love" would be a bit closer to a description but I think no phrase would do for the joining of souls.

It is enough for me to be in the same room as you, possession (control) and expectation destroy the soul and process a negative energy, which breaks down relationships. It is a place where you forget your own identity.

If you are close with someone you are always with him or her in warmth and light.

on a lighter note! ... We always need humour! .... I do like the word FUCK but only after having a big argument with someone!

What is you name anyway?
karyn There is a way of talking about things, important or ordinary, that tells the person listening part of who you are. And it is not in the content of what you are saying, but how you are saying it. Your tone of voice, the weight you give it, your enthusiasm, your descriptions, body language, all of it. The animation in your eyes. All of it uncontrollable. There is another way of talking that removes your self from the words, so that they become somewhat hollow and devoid of character, a mere framework of sentences, rather than a dense structure of experience and individuality. I don't speak in a way, with him, that really imbues myself to him. I am holding back. 090117
FA113N I can't decide if this is a poem or a blather post.


"I will be here, waiting."
"Here. Where you will know me."
"I will?"
"Where you can trust me."
"I can?"
"And til then, you won't see me."
"I won't?"
"Though you may feel me"
"...I do"

"And I will wait here"
"Because I believe"
"I can't"
"I know, but know I will wait here"
"I know"
"Until you come to find me"
"And if I don't?"
"Then I will still wait, gladly"
"You will?"
"Because I am loyal"
"You are"
"And I might hope"
"You hope"
"But only for your happiness"
"I am happy"
"Then I am free"

"Who are you?" She asks
"I am love"
"Where are you?"
"I am in Always"
"How did you get there?"
"By the road not travelled"
"When will I see you?"
"In your dreams."

(With due thanks to FFVIII for the opening)
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