Q There are many nice things to have in your mouth besides words, if you happen to be sick for the moment of having words there. One starts with a t and involves a deep k, and that is on my mind just now. ok? 000105
marjorie my mouth breeds controversy
and roads
a juncture to lead you away
you may choose
my mouth
my mind
or you
your mouth
your mind
but whatever may be
always marked
by my very own
kerasu sometimes, a friend speaks to me from a distance. She does not know that i have been harboring a desire not only to hear her words directly from her mouth so close that i may feel the warmth of her breath as she speaks, but to press my own against hers and, with a kiss, shut out the world outside for as many moments as she is willing to give me.

the one who chides me for my lapses when she catches me beating my head against the walls of an empty heart.

"somewhere, beyond the sea, somewhere"

mariko? kireiko?
WoNDERGIRL not to ruin the moment
but it's hard to talk
with your tounge in my mouth
and your soul in my heart
DarklingDuck "Fill 'er up, lady?"
His eroded face was a desert,
blackened by a merciless sun
that baked lines around his mouth
like the cracked floor of the gas station.
jennifer I feel like I've been blown apart
There are pieces here I go
I don't know where they go
I don't know where they go
Kiss me on my salty lips
I bet you feel a little crazy about for me
We'll be famous on tv

1-Would it be my fault if I could turn you on
Would I be so bad if I could turn you on
When I kiss your mouth I wanna taste it
And turn you upside down, don't wanna waste it

I jump on you, you jump on me
You push me out, and even though you know, I love you
I'd be inclined to slap you in the mouth
When I kiss your salty lips
You will feel a little crazy about for me
I'll be famous on TV
(repeat 1, 1)

Now will it be my fault if I
Take your love and throw it wide?
You might restrain me
But could you really blame me?
And you will feel you're blown apart
All the pieces there will fit to make you whole
And I know where they go
(repeat 1)

When I kiss your mouth I wanna taste it
When I kiss your mouth I wanna taste it
And turn you upside down don't wanna waste it...

~merril banbridge
sammy loud
and like velvet
hfmaker my tongue is in my mouth it is a very useful thing 010620
Syrope words gurgle up from my soul into my mouth, where i press my lips together to keep them from escaping. i think my mouth is more expressive than my eyes. maybe the most expressive thing on my face. whether or not i'm about to say something, which way the corners of my lips twitch, if my lips thin or pout...mostly involuntary, or it happens before i can think about what i want to show and what i want to hide. i can at least hide some things in my eyes. 020410
devalis can't forget the taste of your mouth
from your lips, love
the heavens pour out

(Matthews, Dave)
Ahma a mouth is the best thing that a human has!

Ahmad a mouth is the best thing that a human has!

Ahmad bitch, i fucked that 1 up! 020821
devalis they say the lips heal the fastest.

so why can I still feels yours on mine?
RoXXXie My pretty mouth will form the phrases that will disprove your faith in man.... 040106
swingsetsinfall be it nothing to you,
i have now two--
two mouths that belong to me.
or is it that i have one?
one mouth to myself,
for my mouth's now belonged to he.
if he hath mine,
and mine be his,
those mouths must be close enough to switch!
be it the closest measure where
wonder takes the place of air
and there is neither beginning nor end to those mouths--
i must have only half of one.
lou_la_belle his mouth hovers away so close to mine
do i dare?
i should not
so i dont
han your mouth, dear child, is envied of the bees
-the thousand and one nights
kookaburra one time, this girl named cynthia told me that if i ever screamed, my lips would get bigger and bigger and more stretched out...
that freaked me out for years
Lint Lover I could rule the world if it never left the inside of your mouth 040524
emmi maybe one day when i accuse you of this or that you'll open your mouth like krishna and i'll see 040524
XoRingMaster17oX Take a second and contemplate.
I cant get you out of my mind
or off of my face.
I pray to my plastic gods
that i can become part of this
robotic race,
to be given the tanned mask,
with the black holes for eyes,
the hollow stomach,
and the mouth breeding lies,
A new family history
with new family ties,
a new life,

oh wait!

I have it.
I wrapped it up in tinfoil and plastic,
through it in the fire and let it
I blasted it with scrutiny and now all I've got is this
empty apoligy.

And all I ever wanted was a house
with flowerbeds and a dog,
Air with white clouds instead of smog,
and I found it, but i didn't want if after all.

What can I learn from a new tv set,
a dresser full of new clothes,
or a name like one of your pets.

How to change a diaper,
How to do the dishes,
Training and ammunition
...and for what?

For this suburbian ambition.
FindingMyHappyPlace It looks like I was the only one to first think of Bush with this title. I like the stingray mix better...I've never bought the c.d. but was at a used c.d. store the other day and started listening to a bunch of c.d.s while I was there. It's just something I like to do when I have nothing to do and want to check out music I've rarely or never heard. It's a decent way to pass time when you have nothing to do and want to be somewhere else; to go to one of these places and just keep listening to a bunch of different c.d.s until you feel better....rainy type of days are better because there's hardly any people and you can listen to the c.d.s longer. (the one I go to has a 10 minute limit if there's other people waiting to listen to c.d.s) 041017
The Reverend belle orchid 050630
past i'm about ready for it to be healed. dental surgery may soon become a nemesis. 090322
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