dallas I am not as different as you might think. 990128
adam the only difference between me and you lies in our perception of each other, for all we know we're identical, just placed in different bodies, or maybe we're collective, just two parts to one whole, drifting about seperated by indifference. 990303
bane if everything is different, then what's the same? 000122
dizzy the same is a cliche' homophone for the word "different" 000219
steff Ashes to ashes,
dust to dust
What's the difference
about 'different'?
Q viva la différence 000706
Barrett One of these things is doing it's own thing. One of these things just isn't the same. 000726
Jack What is difference? Some may see it as exciting, new. Others may see it as frightening. Some may loathe it, and reject it. I am different. 001126
piercedjenny i'm like you, but different.
you put on your khakis and Dockers, and scorn at my tearaways and Tshirt.
you tie your tie -noose?- and glare at my tattoos.
i am too "in your face" you think.
you are so judging me, i think.
so because i put metal where you would not think, ink where you would put jewelry, and you can't handle that i don't care what you think.
you tie things around your neck, and all i can think of is the slow painful death of trying to be someone/anyone i'm not.
copyright 2001, piercedjenny
Zoe I am. Therefore I'll be. Forever this way. 010328
erin no imitations pure you

its ok to be different today

and everyday
The Truth We all strive to be different and unique
while searching for others like ourselves.
Verdulum An ageing young rebel
wanted to be different.
But he couldn't,
he just couldn't,
no matter how hard he would try.
lizard Different is the purple orange. 020408
PEACELOVESHEEP difference is the cause of everything.
if i werent a hindu, i'd hate hindus
if i were black, i'd hate white people
if i was someone else, i'd hate me.
ladybird i have a difference called spot 020715
oppressed_youth It felt different kissing him...

It was nice...

But sometimes I would just kind of forget what I was doing and space out a little. But then I'd remember and we'd get really into it.

Odd. Odd considering we'd had crazy-sexual chemistry before then.

I think he was looking to me to lead the occasion. Isn't that his job? I don't know. I want to start over. I want to make it better.
oppressed_youth And I just posted that whole schpeil on some other topic. Because it wasn't working on this one.

Stupid crazy bipolar internet.
melissah our hearts love in the same way, regardless of outside differences. yes i am indeed mr. rogers. 020802
melissah we arent that different. I see it in your eyes. 020808
*nat* lol, as it just happens, this very second a different way of informing me that he has fucked up his computer again. silly boy. although i dont really mean that, i mean someting totally different.txt or phone. two different methods, carried out using the same device. Different and the same, are not as different or the same as many people think. W are not that different really, are we? 020821
counterentity internally we're all just the same. no matter what we believe or say. the core of the human spirit differs not, it's simply a matter of what we choose to do with that spirit. 020821
That's one thing where we're all the same.
pipedream what you are until someone copies you.
does that make you the original of a photocopy or still different?
thebeamishone jabberwocky.

see ask_pipedream
Bizzar Why is this time so different from all the others? Why is it that I dont recognize my own thoughts anymore? I want to see what you see when you look at me. I want to know what goes through your head when you roll over in bed and smile at me. I wish you were easier to read. But then again, what fun would that be?

I wouldnt mind so much if I wasnt so scared of what those thoughts might be. Maybe Im insecure, and even a little selfish. But Ive never known fear until I had someone like you to lose.

You're just so different from the rest of them. I want you all to myself.
ferret different is to sameness, as sameness is to equilibrium, as equilibrium is to chaos, as chaos is to change, as change is to different.

what i mean is: we all try to be different. if we all dyed our hair green to be different, we would all be the same. if i try to be "normal" to be different, it creates a problem. while i may act/look/do/feel/seem normal, everyone else is different, therefore making me different. but i strive for sameness, simply to be different, but if everyone strived for sameness, that would make, us all the same, therefore cancelling out my reason to be the same, therefore causing me to go back to being different.
never is always Narg! Melt your face
Get my mallet! pie
The hampster just stared
And wondered why
the nights child You see, it's difficult sometimes.
I know that he loves me. I try and make myself believe that all the time.
But his reactions are so adverse to mine, so opposite that I can only smile and pretend to be happy, holding out only long enough for me to get to the car and cry in peace.

I could never sleep better alone, more soundly maybe, but that is probably more dependant on my body than another presence in the room.
Even awake I am never comfortable in an empty room. Only being able to watch one corner at a time, never knowing what demons or shadows lurk behind me in the unseen. But bring someone else intothe room and 'puff', they vanish, they couldn't possibly risk coming to get me while someone else is here. Other people are always stronger than me.
Other people are not frightened, and the shadows will never attack the brave.
skye i'm not sorry
for being me

i never wanted to standout
i tried so hard all those years
not to be viewed as different

to be just like you
so you wouldn't leave me
because i had no one else
no one else cared
and you probably didn't either
i just told myself you did
that you'd do anything for me
but i was wrong.
cathy is the feeling that you know something no-one else does because you look past what they hold true and really explore the depths of humanity with an ambitious goal and open minded soul. Like me i am different, i see beyond, collect and gather and use that to try and better understand what we think of as the way of life. 031125
superleni this fairly simple idea was a revelation to me recently, and i thought it might share it, thought it may not do anything for anyone else:
that every thing is different.
no two things are the same, though perhaps similar. even the same word, said twice, sounds different. every day the waves are different at the beach, every day the weather is slightly different, every love and lover is, every perception is, every apple is. every cell and atom? i don't know, i haven't applied a microscope to this theory, but if anybody has...?
and these differences are precious and fantastic and reassuring: there will always be new things and all things are valid; difference isn't a cause for alarm because every thing is different. and everyone should stop trying to be the same or eliminate difference. difference is and will persist.
and yay for it.
young pretender we like to think we're all different, unique. but when you think about it, nature only has so many different moulds. we're all the same somehow. we all feel, think, breathe.
and everyone has a twin.
lovechild i wanted to be different! i wanted to stand out and make heads turn. and i tried so hard, i thought i was different.

then i realised that different is not dependent on how you dress, or what music you listen to.
different is not who your friends are.
different is not what mental issues you pretend to have.

different is being who you are, and not letting anyone push you around, or influence you against your true will, although you may think it is what you want.
because everyone is different; we all consist of the same stuff, but in different quantities.
meeeedle blahhhhhhh
Deomis They rejected the truth
Because it was different
From what they wanted to hear.
They erased the memories
And pasted in fake ones
Trying to cover the black stain.
But it wouldn't go away.
So they cast away from themselves
What they believed to be the blemish
Because they couldn't stand the difference.
chrysalid the desire to not be the same
to be unique

what of being original in being satisfied with being the same?

Not radical
Just yourself
Not forced on others
Not so anyone would notice
just myself 040803
jess being different is not something that one should have to work for...its something that just happens. it is something you are. it is instilled at birth, im pretty sure. cause i dont know one person that says that they conform to everything. and with everyone trying to be different...that pretty much ruins it for the rest of us now doesnt it. 041011
me the other day i got into a car accident. the guy hit me from behind pretty good, he said he was going 20, but it felt like faster. i was fine. too fine. i thought it was funny, as soon as he hit me, i sighed, and picked up the sandwich sitting next to me (from panera - great food) and took a big bite. i didnt really care that he hit my car. i mean, my car is wrecked. but i didnt really care. no i'm not depressed. don't think so anyway...

but i know i'm way way different from everyone else. i'm not gay, i know that. i'm not depressed, atleast i don't think i am. i spent the last three months experiencing all those things everyone else doesn't. i went running on route 1 at 430am. no one was on the road. it was awesome. i also went surfing in the dark. the moon was full so i could see. its just that i feel so weird. i know the exact timei changed. i used ot be normal, but then i really DID get depressed and havent been the same since...its like i'm happier than i used to be. i dont think i'm used to it. but maybe all that experiencing things has changed me too much. i havent felt panic for a LONG time, even tho i've been in plenty of situations that i should have paniced in. that car crash. no emotion, i was just like Hey...

it takes so much to get me an adrenaline rush. i get it from two things: riding shorepound, and mountain biking. thats it. nothing esle does, everything else is just something to do. why?

ah well, i'll figure it out. no i won't. thats a lie. i dont think i ever will. i feel like something HUGE will happen soon tho. something fabulous...i dont know what yet.

heres my philosphies:

just relax and play your shit

life gives you instructions to get to the next step. follow then, and quit complaining. thers nothing you can do.
andru235 at the core of the galaxy are
"the cool people"
they think they are very special,
and they are, just like the rest of us

i'm sure its very nice for them

but...the planet earth orbits a relatively remote star. certainly the galaxy has more prominent regions of activity.

so the question is, would one rather live on a barren rock in the "popular part of town" or in a lush, vibrant greenhouse in the "galactic ghetto".

and a ghetto it is, in the truest sense, because in this part of the galaxy us life forms are restricted to life on earth, as far as we can tell. as of yet we aren't allowed to venture away from our planet (maybe, in this case only, for the better).

i might point out that some of the galaxies remotest stars might have the most enjoyable planets, as they must focus on self-development and aren't busy following the trendhopping galactic core...
Verdulum And it is always the same. 050504
HairThief I am me and I cannot be different. I sometimes think that I pretend to be someone else, someone different but I'm not. 050704
yes it's funny. you think I'M "different". really funny. Ha. hahaha... what is different, anyway? or..."different" i might say. what defines? 050911
amy people are different when they hold beliefs and values and ways of thinking that are basically incongruent. superficial or deep, it doesn't matter. not necessarily "bad" of course. 081201
f please can i be in your team? 081201
Wish them well Different
OED different (n.)

1. Synonym of "nothing."
2. A used candle
3. A knot tied by a fisherman on his 32nd birthday
flowerock different, just like all the other kids.
what's it to you?
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