silentbob dust.

do i blather too much?
kerry you can never blather too much... too much blathering is never enough 011228
kerry unless you're a total asshole about it!

but you're not.
Mahayana: Zakah: people dont blathe enough is my sentinments on that

[but who am i to sit here like some addict wishing & silently whispering more, more, more come on people blathe some more]

[[even ass-hole-e-o's dont blathe enough for me, even sweet innocents dont blathe enough 4 me, even in the middle mellow's dont blathe enough for me, but who am i too judge what is or isnt enough]]

[[[but i rather say people dont blathe enough than to say they blathe too much]]]

[[[[blathe on fellow balther-roo-skis, untill *you* think its enough, and let no one else judge quantitative vs. qualitative]]]]
oren Some of the things I've collected in the past:

Beer cans
Restaurant placemats
Baseball cards
Comic books
Bottle caps (with cork lining)
Toy cars
Old magazine advertisements
Vinyl albums
Royal Crown cola bottles

Currently, I'm collecting ISP CD's.

I've still got all that other stuff. It's stored in boxes, awaiting the day I have a basement to display it all in.
kelli crane your thoughts! 020113
niska souls and archie comics 030301
User24 see pen_knives 031023
Death of a Rose heavy metal mag's 031023
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