psyki heavy.
Boogaloo long-haired guys shaking the dandruff from their heads. 001026
tourist Make mine Mercury 001026
miniver I like the alkali metals, and the alkaline-earths.

They remind me of home, and holidays, and memories. Very quiet days under blue skies, and empty chem labs, and sparkling flasks. A person can be reminded of memories, right? Not a specific memory, I mean, but just the feeling of memories, themselves.

Yep. Spiritus_mundi, and all that goo.
"ohh! didn't that hurt?"

(infinitely patiently)
"yes. yes it did. you see, it is a piece of metal rammed through a part of my body that is attached to nerves. of course it hurt."

(shakes head)
ive never understood why people acontinually ask me that question.
lost none of my peircings ever hurt, and i did them all myself. MMMMMMM....HEAVY METAL :) makes you wanna slam your head into something. 010323
wes the fortress you made to keep me out. 010522
Mahayana METAL: Bronze, copper, silver, gold; metal jewelry and picture frames or other artifacts; images containing and metal and metal sculptures; metallic fabrics. 020114
kelli crane METALLICA 020114
Mahayana Characteristics: Sharp, Rightheous, loner
Shape: Spherical
Colors: White, Gold, Silver
Direction: West, Northwest
Flying star: Star 6 (Angel of Travel, Luck), Star 7 (Robbery, Solemnity)
Animal Branches: Monkey, Rooster
Season: Autumn
Hour: 3:00-7:00 PM
Careers: Jeweler, automobile business, mechanical engineers, gold/silver traders, financial specialist
Mahayana Tui


Element: Soft Metal
Family Relationship: Youngest Daughter
Symbology: Marsh
Body Part: Mouth area
Group: West Group
Mahayana Ch'ien


Element: Hard Metal
Family Relationship: Father
Symbology: Heaven, Leader
Body Part: Head, Lungs
Group: West Group
phil fall 020513
PEACELOVESHEEP metal. very hard. refrain from slamming your fist and or foot into metal doors. its very painful. really. 020628
steven the librarian full METAL HORSECOCK! 020829
adumb hot_rods 021012
Hanna Katatonia
death metal, black metal, heavy metal
things i love
bands i love
music i love
and yes, piercings don't hurt.
FOZZYfan Long live Mullet rock! 030730
rock copy and paste! 030730
sc we must not forget doom while we classify.
or balck.
or death.
fuck off. i dont need your generalizations.
god metal ducks, bout a million or so
metal rabbits, which way did dey go?
rockfreq i was led to this page by a word in a poem i wrote (see BAND). i really dont know why i am here, but maybe if i waste some more time kati will send me an email and receive it i shall, with much reverence and self pride.
go now i into the depths of myself...ill letcha know wat i find
me i heard Burn the Priest ofr the first time today. I'm a massive fan of LoG, but BTP actually scares me. its intmidating. the song terror and hubris from LoG scares me too. the first time i heard i actually wanted to turn it off, but didn.t its one of my favorite songs. 041230
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