Brad After making their decision in birdie-like precision, turned about and made a bee-line for the south. 000527
moonshine The summers drawing in and I m waiting for the leaves to fall . I m waiting for the right rain,the way the air feels right before dusk. The way the sun shines just a little bit lower. Then I can remeber you with same ache I once was betrothed too. The only season that alienates me from here on in and draws me back out. 000818
vermouth (copyright k brown 1999) The leaves are turning brilliant orange and red. The sky is full of motion and manna from the ocean drifting like a gypsy through the blue. the leaves are talking of lovers hand in hand wearing sweaters that their Grandmas knit, out for one last picnic but Vera only wants to watch the news. 000907
startfires it makes my stomach turn. i know the world is going to lie dead in a few months. i will sit and look out my window and just ache for the lights to come back. static in my head. that's all i hear. 001005
Effingham Fish I set the stack of papers on the counter to purchase my drink. "What's that?" she asked. The people who deliver the newspapers usually take the previous day's unsold copies with them when they drop off the new day's, but for whatever reason, one paper requires us to clip the headers from the paper and throw away the rest before the deliveryguy gets to the store; instead, I take the papers home and recycle them, and told her as much. She grinned at me and said, "You RECYCLE?", as though I had just told her I regularly enjoyed disco. On my way out the door, she said she never figured me for an "Earth person". "You say that as if we came from Mars," I replied, and she laughed. I didn't. 011208
jane my favorite season...i think it has something to do with the colours. it's oddly refreshing... 020325
yummyC ditto, jane. its like some sort of crisp newness in the air. something calm. 020325
phil relaxing in the war
enjoying the sun
watching the evening slowly fade
into night
bombs sputtering photographs across the empty sky
a tree sits proudly bare
thoughts of pencils
flat papers
so many reasons to smile here in the middle of night
your friends, there warm smiles never lost
your misfortunes, never forgotten
remembering the mind of a child
the way the same beautiful thoughts still work as they once did
faint memories that bring back a warm sun you felt
looking at the house in someone's yard
you feel secure
how you remember it, how you are today,
still the same little boy
times when you chose what someone else liked
but you are unstained by faults
left feeling supler
your life will never be missing a single moment
the lives around you ridding themeselves
you walk through the destruction
burying the pain
Each tree marking a grave
the colors of the sun burnt into the sky
the world is cold
you feel like a piece of frost, that never turned to dew
all those reasons for emotion
like a burning hollow flame
left unattended
Sailor Jupiter One of my best friends wants to get married in the Fall. I can picture her in her white dress with a sea of crunchy colorful leaves at her feet. 020425
becclebee warm belly
tired eyes

mon is on the wings of a bird flying south
creeps on the ground as dewy frost
drops yellow and gold from the branches of trees
I held my breath
because autumn has already begun
haunting branches of a few trees,
I swear it is for me
for I haven't seen
these reds and yellows
the oranges and the browns
mingling in such a grand way
in forever or too long.
I exhaled.
maybe the wind would carry
my whispered wish and hope
my anticipating sigh,
tell FALL to FLY...
I'm waiting for the season
but its only...
its only teasing.
jane i know that it's autumn
or at least that it's coming
because of those
that dance in the cool breeze
hungryGhost the beginning of autumn: september 22 nine fifty-six p.m. pst 020921
unhinged beyond_autumn 020922
Matt I'm not quite sure why I wait for autumn to come around every year. Something about the colors and the feeling and the clothing, it makes every song I hear relatable, it makes everybody around me just makes everything right. i can't explain it, but if you listen to "Pinch Me" by the barnaked ladies, maybe you'll understand a little 021011
gerti rouge This autumn was different than the last because as the seasons changed this time around, every shift in the air, every fucking cloudless blue sky, and every last burning leaf reminded me of last year. And I want to go back because facing the now seems so much harder when those happy memories existed then. I'm caught up in some kind of time warp. Things will change, it's inevitable, I know. I guess it all just surfaced and became more real with the tangible shifting of the seasons.

This is what I like to call bitterly reminiscent.
nomatter you two stop acting like an old married couple. 031009
Souless Wanderer The death of beauty; the beauty of death. 040202
pete rising in my soul,
a gentle song to be sung
into the winds that carry our leaves
and left behinds
into the frozen embrace
of tomorrow's soft blanket,
frosted streets
and iced-over lawns,
into a silent revery
and i wander
into wondering thoughts;
do i feel you here?
pete have a good day 041106
applegirl The hills
Rusted over
I want to wear the leaves as lingerie
and let the wind blow me
blow them off me
so i can be like a sexual tree

(and he would love me)
idiosynthetic autumn rocks. november is always bad but this year made it. something always happens in december. it is now the hardcore season. 041212
)( " wound the autumnal city.."

)samuel r delaney - dhalgren(
a thimble in time autumn leaves drift past the moon
and so many barren thoughts
fill the empty night
I lie awake
as emptiness floats by
so tired and unhappy

the world is getting old
and it is only going to get older
I want to close my eyes
and begin again tomorrow
myriadmoods autumn the best time to die, because those you leave behind can always look to the changing of colors and the last day of warmth,and that which leads to the cold days when even their hearts will remain warm from thoughts of what was and will be. 050323
highanddry softly the leaves brown and wither
falling gently from their beds
brittle and helpless on the ground
cold, bare, dead and empty
DropAndRiver Autumn is the most enjoyable season; summer is too hot to savor, spring too indecisive to rely on, and winter is like permafrost, dead in silence and in the cold.

Autumn is the honest display of carbon-based death.
misstree went walking today... there was a feeling in the air that this is not just an unseasonably chilled day, but the beginning of the next phase... when nature draws back into herself, when trees unfurl firey swan song colors never hinted at beneath the green before their mock deaths... when halloween sparks all to unreality, when the last gaps before a long winter fuel vitality... this is my time, the season i was born to and the one that will always be home... i am peacefully pleased... no more the slow swelter, no more the too-long days, no more the forced exuberance... autums smiles slow and deep, her eyes shine like no other's, her shooing out of summer's overabundances gentle but firm... she and i share secrets i cannot place in any tongue... but she is here, or nearly, and i am happy. 060829
LS I see you in a hodge-podge patch dress of fire and earth, walking calmly through the woods. The trees are vibrant oranges, yellows, and deep red. The leaves fall at a regular pace, heavy and at ease. A grey sky looms overhead, but it is a bright grey, and the cool breeze makes it more than just pleasent. The sweet smell of campfire fed by dry oak leaves is a bare hint, but it sparks happy memories. It seems perfect that an end table of wrought iron, spiraling up to a plate glass rainbow top holds tea, just the right temperture, in a green glass of polished clay, with a brown ring at the bottom. There is no laughter, nor sound, beyond the swaying of the trees and the fall of the leaves in the wind. But make no mistake, you are smiling. A smile I long to see again...a fractured memory of such a wonderful feeling, hazy yet potent, indistinct but definite.

The smell of Fall is as warm as its colors, though the feel of it is cool and comforting.

Too Autumn. Too the Fall. Too Trees of Fire and Harvest. I sip spiced cider in your honor.
no reason everything's changing and everyone's wanting

there's something about the wanting
the addiction
the chill of dissatisfaction

then the season changes
Mizpah El amor encuentra su desierto en la perpetuidad del otoño, en esa caída como vaivén en la que el viento helado proclama cada desilusión; es una ventizca para la razón y su intento por darle de beber al sentimiento, colores que le recuerden primaveras y veranos...

Los recuerdos llueven moribundos, la hojarasca es un océano desprendido de los arboles, desecho y sustracción de aquel sueño de sílfides, dragones, sombras lunares y delfines...

Previo a la desolación invernal, el otoño es un amor en incesante despedida de su tronco, es una hoja moribunda, incierta y viajera en el viento...

El otoño es un descanso reflexivo, es la mano de mi padre, es el sol con sus rayos oblicuos, es el primer frío del año...

El amor es nostalgia que sabe a otoño, arboles a la orilla de una vereda oculta, crujiente en millares de hojas secas, camino discontinuo, un horizonte perdido...

El otoño es ella y su recuerdo, es el deseo de que el tiempo se hubiese detenido en aquella banca, en aquél abrigo de su abrazo...

Es un momento que no cesa, es un equinoccio en péndulo, es una caricia extraviada, es un letargo impenetrable...

El otoño es eco de ayer...

El amor es siempre amor en ocre nostalgia...
. Gracias por eso, amig(o?). 071028
. . 131105
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