* she takes my crap and i don't know why i give it.
she sends me cookies and tells me she loves me even though i act rotten.
she says she understands when i don't think she does.
but i think she'd still take care of my boo-boos
and she'd do anything to take my pain away.

she told me so.
WoNDERGIRL mother?
are you there?
I love you.
I never meant to hit you over the head with that shovel..
niv nicta nordine ikdi. iv ikdi us un aswerp oola li loontas. eff o efforn un uulong 001022
misfit bird Can I Go Out and KILL TONIGHT?!?!?? 001022
kitten on drugs thank you for tickling my back to make me fall asleep at nite when i was 2...thank you for packing my lunch every day in elementary school...thank you for laughing when i made stupid jokes...thank you for making me stay in band...thank you for telling me that kid wasn't right for me...thank you for not saying "i-told-you-so" when i finally dumped his ass...thank you for making me stay home last new year's eve...thank you for talking to me late at nite on the phone when no one else will listen...thank you for being such a good mommy...i only hope i can be as great as you some day 001121
j_blue i think you can see my every facet, so i avoid you

but when i finally guilt trip my ass into calling you, i always love talking to you

sometimes you are crazy, but you always talked to me

you let me be my own person, even though no one else can
Shugarhi my mommy is a forceful bitch who only thinks of herself. Drinks all day and fucks her boyfriend all night... 010515
j_blue y do so many people have such bad feelings behind the idea of their mommy (or daddy, for that matter) having sex?

and i mean aside from the natural squeamishness that comes whenever you picture people close to you (or not) deviating from the boundaries of your relationship with them

its like this anger, and it makes little sense

i dislike my mother's husband, but i have no problem with her gettin some, lets be realistic
plastic when freud tells you you wanted to fuck your own mommy you tell him to go fuck himself with a fucking crucifix that stupid fucked up fuck. why should you listen to his problems? 010706
Dafremen Dearest mother,

I just got back from a country where their word for mother is bitch and I wanted to share that little tidbit with you before I see you again. I look forward to our next visit with much anticipation....bitch.

Percy 'I can't believe you named me Percival' Frubinia

Delivered c/o Dafremen
nanny when i was 12 she told me to call her mom. my heart was broken. now that i'm older and wiser, i once again call her mommy. 010909
ClairE said to Christina tonight: my mommy is saying nice things to me even though she doesn't know i'm upset 011214
lemonlizzles she's been looking at me lately, like she was this morning, in her terrycloth robe, puttering on quickbooks all morning in her study with the tall windows and the morning sunlight. this morning, when i sat on her desk to ask if a friend could stay with us for a couple of nights, and she looked at me and told me that i reeked of cigarettes, that she knows what we do, that the liquor bottles in the cabinet are always out of place.
lately, she gives me that look, the one where i know that she is thinking about my grades, about my new friends, drawing ties in her mind between our time together and my steady decline.
she wasn't there though, mother, when we finally broke it off, when i was free for the first time in two years, when i could get high all day and not have to account for it later. she wasn't there when i finally got rides in the morning, sitting in the back of an expedition in the winter crispness in the morning cloud of pot smoke before school. she wasn't there, when we began delivering pizzas at night on the weekends, wasn't there when monica made me laugh and i volcanoed the bowl across a doggie bag, burning a hole through the styrofoam that cradled a man's dinner and we laughed through three streetlights.
she wasn't there, when she offered up, "oh, baby"s to cradle me when their screaming made me cry, wasn't there when she surprised me with a quarter after school even though i hadn't told her it was my birthday, wasn't there when we faced her first day of drug rehab together, when we laughed with her parents and hid her tongue ring over sushi, when we held her as she cried about her parents' dissatisfaction, her own longings, her brimming compassion and her vulnerability, despite layers and layers of quick comebacks, verbal jousting, reckless driving and careless attitude.
to mother, it's the smell that lingers when i come home, the hours without phone calls, the lingering signs that she is losing her blonde haired child and forgetting that, still, i am very much alive.
megan comfortable. 021126
RadariG Why am I such an ungrateful bitch to you? 021127
Rhin i'm telepathically attempting to summon you. i need you. i feel wretched mummy. i, i know it's definitely one of those annoying colds. if you hear my cries, please hurry, and don't forget to bring the following items... lotiony puffs, a couple dozen clearly canadians, chicken broth, an obscene amount of popsicles, a new sketch pad, new freshly sharpened pencils, the December issue of Playgirl (just teasing...not really, but you're my mummy and that's absolutely not kosher. besides the thought of you standing at a counter holding your hand up to your mouth and whispering "1 playgirl magazine please", because it's just too vile to say aloud, is not really all that funny at the moment), and if you have time, my sister, because i want to cough and sneeze all over her pretty little face, and make her as sick and miserable as i am destined to be. ::cough cough:: "mummmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy!" ::pout:: 021127
minnesota_chris awww... come here I'll give you some chicken soup. 021127
I mean mommy awww... come here I'll give you some chicken soup. 021127
Rhin awwwwww thank you, but i'm too weak to lift the spoon to my lips... ::sniff cough:: 021127
Angie i wuv my mommy!!!!!! 030605
falling_alone 031126
gja mines dead 070129
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