Quintessensual please call and when you are calling please hear the bells ringing, listen to yourself, and feel my tears streaming 991122
the answer is me (or is it?) Q: Everyone in the world is stupid except me. Who am I? 000810
the repeater flo calling 27
calling 27
ere maggie, 'ave we lost 27 again.
come in 27, i've got a job for you on the vauxhall road.

control? is that you control?
can you tell me where i am?
it is dark outside the car and even though the engine starts, i can't get traction, feels like i'm floating.
sometimes a grey shape come near the window. it is cold here and the air is stale like it has been leeched by centuries

27, stop being so bloody stuipid. there is a lady up the vauxhall road needs to get to the center, and you need to take her.

i was so scared control. please send somebody to find me. i pissed myself.
i need help. 010427
Aaron calling this name... from high on the cliffs.. while choking on the salty sea... i plead take my life.. till my love come back to me.. 011111
sEth I dont hear you calling...Its been over an hour. Im here waiting, and waiting. 011111
birdmad dead_souls 011111
omninico and so the day it goes..
something like this.
sitting waiting beside this electric ringing thing. each ring stings my ears. and i.. pick up the phone with sweet fear that its your voice.. and.. i blind my insecurities with your impurities and pretend its alright.
everything is alright.
what's it to you?
who go