kx21 Tell me what
is the shape of your Mind...
I will tell you how wonder you are...
baby satan my mind is a distorted hectagon with jagged edges jutting out and large chunks missing or hidden. 010723
MollyGoLightly i'm trying to make myself look like a boy. but i don't want to be a boy.

i just love the way boys look in pants.

sphinxradio it's like trying to describe the color blue to someone who has never seen it.
it makes a certain shape in the mind that never goes away.
kerry my mind is a 3-dimensional shape almost like a star, with jagged edges expanding out to a neverending sunset, or a void, black holes dropping down in the center where you could get lost and never come out, tiny passageways in each arm of the star that lead to unimaginable places if you take the right path. 011231
zander my a palace. With stars, moons, suns, and clouds all in the sky at the same time. with soft spring rain in some rooms, a warm summer breeze in others, and great winter blizzards in some. There`s no gravity, or friction, or intertion or anything unless, of course, you want there to be. The palace always changes to fit your mood, if you are sad it rains hard and everything is grey and pale blue, If you`re happy it`s bright and sunny and everything turn yellow and baby blue. A man`s house may be his castle but a man`s mind is a palace. 030101
Kristopher People come up to me and tell me that I'm out of shape.

I say, Fuck you, round IS a shape!
marjorie they ask you what you see in the clay.
you've made a perfect square the last twenty minutes
now you sit staring at it
head on your hands
everyone wants beautiful
they want something inspired
they want gifted
you see a prairie dog.
and it wants to come out!
oldephebe sweating at the kiln...fingers aching from fruitless labor...

i'm horrible with clay
smileygirl some people complain about not being in shape... do they not realize that round is a shape? 040309
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