loner if either of you complain once mroe i'll shoot you 000114
*Colleen* i believe i complain too much, but if you had my pathetic, non exhistent life, i believe youd have a reason to complain. Boredom is Fatal! 010121
shiva is this all i use blather for? hmm. i suppose i could stand to be more interesting. 011130
ClairE Something I'm good at.

Much too good.

Does bl_a_th_e_r have too much of it, or is the arguing what keeps_it_going_'round?
Norm I'd say it isn't nessasary to keep 'er goin. I was doin' fine before cheerup kid came along and now opie.'s on my ass. It makes me sad really. 011202
stardust Why complain? It doesn't get you anywhere. 030222
8 more to go it's always to complain about something, yes even "good" things, think about it, look at it long enough and you find something to complain about 040203
spartawinsthewar we don't realize that we're complaining
until we've let everything out.
evilpunkrawker i complain about me,
i complain about you,
i complain about not having you.
i don't complain about you and i, because we're so dead and gone.
Asylum Bound Yes, I complain. Maybe a little too much. But I'm so frustrated, tired, alone, depressed, and annoyed. I just want someone to listen and comfort me, not push me away. Omg, why am I this way. I just want to yell so loud everyone will not only stop to listen to me but they will understand. 090426
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