counterentity it consumes me. why am i home on a saturday?

wonders will never cease.
m.j.k. Boredom's not a burden
Anyone should bear.
the patient i_must_keep_reminding_myself_of_this 030505
methinx 030605
User24 !!!!!

I'm bored!

oh. shit.

That's why, yeah.

I'd forgotton what it was like, having been doing so much recently, I've not had any time to myself, and now I do, I'm bored and snapping at everything like a fucking jack russel.

do excuse my rudeness, I'm going for a smoke.
shorlove the end. not like national geographic. 030619
/anon i strongly dislike it but i never really want to get rid of it. 030619
User24 symptoms of boredom:
User24 smoking rollups and joints, blathering, hell I've even considered drinking!..

too lazy to cook anything to eat.. missing linds.. looking forward to her getting home from work.. but then again not, coz I'll want to go to bed when she does, which means nice snuggles, but sooner work...

listening to music, seeking interesting thigns to do.. can't even be bothered to finish my essay on ecastatic states (sorry misstree.. me lazy and silly..)

bleh. boredom is my greatest enemy, it is unfortunately a habit, too.
nothing to do.
(everything to do)

ok then, fine, I just.. can't be bothered to do anything, ok?
(better, you lazy little fuck)

yeah, but at least I don't actually mind.

(bu..)AND!! At least I know why I'm bored.


Aw.. all pissed off at me?

(fuck off)

bye bye, boredom.
u24 jesus, that's depressing. the last 5 months I've been consistently bored. 031114
u24 (blather is one of the few things I have left to stimulate me.) 031114
indifferent I know the cure
is curiosity.
But there is nothing
to wonder about
right now.
counterentity only 1.5 hours to go. woopeedoda ... 040207
th misery 051005
hiperkarma can't work, can't read, can't take a walk.
i want to know what i need to be same old working r0b0t.
Freak no one was even suprised that I would do such a thing 060213
Hilarious J Moneypants it stretches out away from me and even with the distance it puts between us in the blink of an eye its back sucking my bones dry turning them to ash 060522
Empyness Alive what i feel everyday when im at home alone 060523
no reason "no worries about boredom my love
there’s beauty in nothing to say"
Lisa Simpson shhhhhhuuuuussshhhhhhhhhh ! ! !
why did you have to buy crisps? popcorn has a reason, it is silent !
City Dweller I hear people say this is the most exciting time to have ever lived. Can it be true? Is this not, perhaps, an illusion? What is so exciting about these times? The material goods? The abundance of information? The excessive number of people? The fiscalization of everything? I see a lot of people who seem really, really bored, and that's how I feel, too. 081207
hsg i once read, "only_boring_minds_get_bored".

duck_soup is fairly amusing. may i suggest that?
tourist The sensory overload makes me Numb
We have become a culture that shuns
Quiet Contemplation.
See Dick run.
Run Dick Run!
Run! Run! Run!
Whispering Windbag In the period following hyperstimulation, most individuals experience a sense of restfulness that eventually converts to boredom if another wave of stimulation does not follow. Some persons are more skilled at generating stimulation for themselves than others, but even the most clever self-stimulation-generator will eventually exhaust their reserves. Then if external stimulation does not present itself promptly, boredom is inevitable. It's all about stimulation, and the advantage lies with those whose stimulatory needs are fewest. Some persons have more control over this need than others. Passivities such as meditation are likely to sate those whose stimulatory needs are low, whereas those with higher stimulatory needs are unlikely to find much gratification in passivities and instead require activities. It is not uncommon for an individual to experience different need levels at different times of the day, or during different periods of their life. Of course, as with most facets of humankind, there are few constants and differing definitions as to what constitutes boredom, stimulation, etc. 081208
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