Quintessensual if it doesn't rhyme and seems like poetry
it must make sense or at least deep sensory

copr. 1999
Nate Higgins The truth from fingertip
to inks guided drip
It is what happens without analysis with the errors that make humanity human intact.
z when i am in the wind of the world and brush flower scents assault i am whispered to by massive storms and the groan of aons drifting sands and stones heavy from the earth and the sea's relentless lap is carressing me in perfect moment and stops 050428
camille words creamy like milk

a hush as listless as a still buoy in a quiet dark ocean awaiting it's next voyage

the prick of a sea urchin in a salty sea like a bird sting or bee chirp

a memory like swiss cheese grinding the years

mountains of seeds covering mounds of flowers

wisteria tree with buds like purple pudding

ticking of a clock counting the days hours minutes.. take it off the shelf walk out doors set it in the lake and watch as time floats and fish bite hands pointing it's due course
- - 070222
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