ClairE custard, salad_dressing, ice_cream, sour_cream, and pickles.

Wait! What am I talking about?!

Salad dressing isn't always creamy.
sillyhead sounds like 'dreamy' 011130
whoknows pickles are creamy? 011130
<3 soothes and controls a dish
sometimes sickens
used in moderation can prove quite pleasant

cuts the sharpness of a tarte apple pie
with its flabby cold denseness
white and scentless
it is quite an amazing feature, quite an unsung creature

haha what the fuck did i just write
...AntiqueClocks... My mom makes these meringue things and we all call them Creamy poos.....
Lala Is icecream really creamy, or is it just wet? 110112
birdmads in the ben and jerrys again creamy... mere wetness does not aptly describe its texture unless it's really cheap nasty ice-cream and it has already melted 110113
what's it to you?
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