psyki dry skin
pale shadows
leaving red trails behind
sad face
bleak future
because no one's around
dim light
soft music
MollyGoLightly Righteous anger is cheap. So is integrity. Think about the things you owe the world, and the things you don't. You'll find that the former generates a much shorter list than the latter. 000328
ted talk is cheap 000529
a cynic in a cocoon (Imago) Life is cheap

but guns, good drugs, and good toilet paper are expensive
marjorie a perfectly reasonable expectation for junk 001104
Toxic_Kisses This word some how feels so filthy and trashy it's really not a word that should be used in any sort of car ad. 020112
kelli crane i hate everything about cheap. 020113
sylphide Why are people in boxes so cool? Why is it that walls are so much more appealing than doors? Why does everyone want to jump instead of relishing on knowledge and heart, spirits and minds?
Why doesn’t anyone fucking care outwardly? Why do I feel foolish for telling the secrets of my most innermost thoughts I those whom I’ve longed to tell them to? Why should my heart be so cheap compared to others? Be made to FEEL so cheap. So devalued compared to the usual soul.
Bit of wear and tear and I’m left to be good for nothing but abuse.

From sexual revolutions, feminism to one-night-stands. and we’re all just as scared and confused as ever. Sexy, intelligent and unattainable.
frazer birds are cheap 060924
Syrope the keys and the book aren't worth the effort. but then, i reasoned, the money you halfheartedly offered for the trip...that might be worth asking for. if i thought i would actually get it.

i know you have very very important people that you'd rather spend it on.

you were not a cheap mistake at all.
what's it to you?
who go