dallas Why does everything we do have to be so darned hard on the wallet? Don't we know how to just be anymore? 980901
caty unfortunately, the wallet has to be too. And for it to be, it has to have. 981005
marjorie being is expensive.
like seeing.
or forgetting.
i once tried to forget.
cost me half a lifetime
plus a few hundred ideas
dreams and a car.
how the car got in there
i will never know
silentbob I'll still call you even though it's getting expensive.
i just wish you'd call me, too sometimes.
it's almost like a one sided conversation until you pick up the phone
Jenna College textbooks are so expensive, it's simply indecent how much they take advantage of us.

Where the hell the money is coming from is really stressing me out at the moment.

Not because it will never get here but because it won't do so in a timely matter; plus, the bank keeps losing my money.

andru235 wait till you see the cost of your planet's nuclear programs 051128
what's it to you?
who go