dallas who, me? 980917
emily Ouch! 990130
angie life 990207
Rainer walls, if you run into them 990318
daxle "this formica is hard; these problems are difficult" 990430
allie harder than chinese arithmatic 990501
OTK yet softer by far
than american foreheads
those formerly four-legged
forthrightly hindbrained beaties
Zed and
emsie it wasn't as hard as I expected... 990609
groovinkim "i know we've been through some hard
times. if it wasn't for the music,
i don't know what we'd do. you know,
music has definitely saved my life.
i've got to thank god for the music."

- a house track which i love even
though i don't believe in god.
titties My tits are so hard. I feel embarrased 991104
Daniel y o u d o n ' t k n o w w h a t p a i n i s y o u h a v e n ' t s u f f e r e d o n e i o t a - G O L D F I N G E R 991108
valis times are hard
times are kind
times are tough again
marshmallows are always soft
king kai it's hard to know what to say - and when to say it - it's hard to live up to all these expectations - it's hard to be the don juan all the time :o) 000102
girl John Thursday.

to deal with life-changing occurences but once you find that youve live thru them it makes it all worth it.
angela what's hard is pavement
i wish everything was ice cream
amy almost, but not quite, hardly there, isn't he? 000425
el chorizon -on 000505
marjorie hard to lie
when you see their eyes
staring up at you
with total admiration
but much easier
when you think of their futures
that are just like yours
you only wanted to save them
at least for a while
and so you lie
and it gets easier
forgotten so you want me to fuck off?
i never had the courage to tell you how many times you hurt me.
i always told myself that i didn't matter, when i saw that sadness embedded in your eyes.
and i'd come back with so much desperation.
you didn't mean any of it, did you?
fuck that, i'm gone.
.sunshine. the sound is spiraled down the staircase 010505
stale he is... 010715
canels something that happens when a guy cums up to a girl with big tits!!!!!!!!! 010715
psychobabe *sings aloud*
its hard sometimes i know
(i know its hard sometimes)
its hard sometimes i know
i'm so lonely without you
i'm so lonely without YOU
WE can acheive together!
shiva or not...

eh. practice makes perfect.
ClairE Yum. 011217
angie here it comes 020715
bah you don't know what pain is...
you haven't suffered one iota so just fuck your whining

- Goldfinger... legibly
.sarah. after I kiss your neck 031007
scorpion heart is friendship.
is maintaining dignity.
is taking a math test.
is my soccer coach.
made me a better person.
x i contain a strong desire to aerate my body with an ice pick 031116
sahba its been only 6 days since she left and im already falling apart 040907
sad kid its so hard sometimes, when I stop and think and believe and know. I am so sad sometimes, and that is the best way I could put it. I am so sad. I am so sad sometimes. I don't want to be typing this but its all I've got to do right now, and I don't want to stay in this feeling. I am reading and seeing things I don't want to and I am so sad. so damn sad sometimes. 051003
no reason i'm tired of things being so hard 090828
In_Bloom TRUST 090828
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