deb if i pretend it's all ok,
will it be, i wonder?
but i'm not fine
and you're not fine
the world is screwed over
and we all sit back and
revel in the thought that
it is US the world should
spin spin spin around
as if we really mean anything
in the grand scheme of things
makes me feel even more small
maybe they won't miss me at work today
i'll hide inside my christmas tree
and smile out of the solitary
green chile light
and nobody could find me
until i get tired of hearing
counting crows
and i get out to change the cd

i'm ok, really. i am...
rose I am fine until I hear something beautiful, or see something amazing. Then I remember that you're not here to share it with. 000222
girl everything soon will be. 000327
miniver (Be that way.) 000504
valis gosh, i asked how she was and she didn't say 'great' (meaning great) or 'o.k.' (meaning shitty).

no, she said 'fine'. dammit, the interpretations are too loose here. could mean anything. if she'd said 'just fine' i'd have known she really meant 'fine', but this ... this could be anything. fuck. best just take it at face value, evn though it's probably not ...

it's a fine line.
Lucien its all wrong, and i dont know if it can ever be right again 010105
Zeroshin A word that has been taken for granted. 010128
Chrity go to:
crissa most of the time it's a lie when people say they are fine. but who is interested in knowing the truth anyway. 010424
Photophobe Quiet and balanced and alone. I'm always fine like that. But then something always changes; sets me off. A glimpse of a memory, a telephone call. Noises I can't hear.

Noises I can, that I shouldn't.

Its easy to keep under control. But its so lonely, being fine.
Allison I think I'm fine, even though my arms are in shreds.
I think I'm fine, even though I have to wear long sleeves.
I thik I'm fine, even though I have to sharpen the knives.
I think I'm fine.
. : * p s y b o r g * : . fine=Justin 011024
bloodjetpoetry don't ask if i am.
i'm probably not, but i'll say yes.
ClairE Fine...
hang onto it the way
a bells rings
and you can describe
a sexy lady
in tight satin
curves against
her dress.

and fine again
can mean
how are you doing in school
how are you feeling

and sometimes
it can be exciting
when you are talking about
the weather

and fine can be
emo It will be alright.
It will be fine.
Its just an ordinary life.

The distance kills.
Every breath divides.
Still under same stars.
Your watery eyes, smoke with devotion.

I gave you time. It's never been enough.
I am of the sand.
You are of the stone.
I will forget. In time. Give it time.
The sea is deep and wide.
It will be fine.
It's life.
werewolf i start today. it's going to be familiar and new. 030822
Death of a Road dandruff


wishin i was ebony not me
not my hair
not you, justin you little lying freak
im kidding justin
dont hate me forever
just right now
bork Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotional... 040809
serratemplar i know i'm not what you want me to be
but when i ask you say it's just fine
and when i try to leave
you're half a step behind
you're finding ways to forgive me
always finding ways to forgive me
but tonight i can't find you
why can't i find you?
gja begs... Its sad how this word is used to describe being in a state of lets say OKness. As in:
H"ow are you?" "Fine."

But its more than that. If someting is fine its really fine.
Its a little bit like paprika, but better.
Its a little bit like saffron, but better.
Its a little bit like gold dust but better.
Its more like the essence, the creme, its the refined, the changes you having encountered it.

please dont say "fine" when you're just OK.
Lisa Simpson OH! THATS........ JUST LIKE YOU.

hhhhmmmm NO ! I WON'T BE BORING.





i mean why in hell would you want to say good bye to someone ?
what's it to you?
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