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Gigo Loma something which is spatially beneath something else. "such a thing is under my position, you do the dishes." "no, miss intern, i am the president, get under my desk" "that country is under the iron fist of a dictator (it is one big hand, i guess)" 991108
jennifer I sit, content, under the kitchen table and memorize the pattern on the table cloth 991215
mad madame mim Sombrer
Est-ce mal de parler tout seul même lorsqu'il n'y a personne d'autre ?
Je vérifie simplement que je n'ai pas sombré
Echoué sur une plage comme un phoque résigné au massacre
Ne peux-tu pas comprendre que, vu comme c'était arrangé
Ça n'aurait jamais pu marcher et que je suis tout bonnement devenu fou
Je me suis mis à boire comme pour dire peut-être
Je n'ai aucune excuse et ça, c'est nouveau
Je n'ai rien à ajouter si ce n'est que je suis comme ça, je l'ai toujours été
Je donne si souvent l'impression de me tirer
J'essaierai tout une fois, et on devrait tous faire de même
Mais c'est toujours pareil, on se retrouve prisonnier d'une habitude
Une habitude dont je ne peux vraiment pas me défaire, ça s'est toujours fini ainsi
Est-ce que tu peux comprendre que c'est comma ça que j'ai choisi d'être ?
Tout semble si facile de cette manière
Mais je sombre rapidement, je m'éclipse
Suis-je fou à ce point ?
mad madame mim ... 000102
silentbob we hide under the covers because that's where we can be alone and things happened that still make me smile and still give her goosebumps

Barrett To be under you, your slender body and perfect small breasts. To pull you to me and taste the sweat from your neck, only to roll over and take you once more. Holding you tightly against me, deeply. These moments never fade.
Good morning, dear.
Sol slipping under the cool silken waters, like glue or treacle holding me back, slowing my descent to a steady crawl, the release feels good, try it sometime, its called washing, it involves standing up from, your computer, and engulfing your body in water, if you are particularly adventurous there is a bizzarre substance known as soap you may want to try, you know you want to, go on 010402
katie i like it when it starts to rain when we're walking and we start to run and we sit under a bridge but we're already so wet that we don't care and laugh and kiss kisslaugh and everything is wet and squishy.

it's like swimming through clouds
ellen cherry charles under a blackened sky
far beyond the glaring streetlights
ryro who's spell am I under -
I don't understand.
The moments I choose to hold or forget.
The chances I've wasted.
Is this Me?
Perspective_Of_Soul Everyday i remember.
Since i was about 14 years old i started having daily panic attacks as images flash back...

I was about 5 or 6 at the time.
I still can feel the clay under my hands, cold, wet and firm.It sticks there for a while until it becomes dry enough to brush off.I remember the smell of rotting wood.The discarded bed heads and boxes decaying slowly, i remember feeling like one of them.
I remember looking to the door i was squeezed into, the light from the outside seemed so inviting, perhaps because i knew i would not have it for a while.
For there is no light under the house.

The girl my age was crying like i was, as she was told to enter as well.His voice spoke to her coldly as if she was not his sister at all.He was much older than she, much more powerful than i, yet i still knew he was a coward, even then.

His instructions had been spoken before and needed not to be repeated.I know that i have not had the courage to recall them word for word even till this day.Sometimes we need not hear words to know the meaning.
The bolt would slide on the outside as if sealing our fate for a little while.
Even tho i knew the door would open eventually, i do not think i wanted to face the burning light of a judgement from the heavens.
My tears would hit her skin, and hers would hit mine as we embraced.
I remember wiping the clay from my hands with her tears, and wiping away hers with mine.
When it was over, no wonderous joy, no feelings of love.Too young for a cigarette, too young to need one.
Too young to know how to think or feel.

But now i am old.
I can smoke away my pain.I can think and feel it as well.
I am too old to still be trapped under this house.
Why am i still here ?
eklektic it makes me so angry when i accidentally write a blather and then when i fill in the "you" or the "email" part, you make a typo. so then, when people click your name it doesnt take them to all the ones you've done, just the one you made the typo on. i wrote on "we_meet_in_the_coffee_shop" three days ago, and just found out that if you clicked my name, it didnt take you to my blather listings! so that means the person i wanted to see it, never saw it when i wanted them to see it! so i had to copy and paste it and then correct the typo so they'd see it...geez. 020816
wooki under this, is another. under that, is another. layers upon layers of changes. they form everything. everything is changes. 020919
the sea
cyan drowning under
dark waves of grey
crowned beneath
these golden wings

love brushed beside my face
and i am still gazing there
and fallen
in this vow of silence
cheetah warm 031223
Death of a Rose where? 031223
peachmelba why am i so lonely without you, the raindrops shower the roses, where do you go when i am not around, with you i become innocent and pure again, undefiled under your chest with my aching heart next to yours. i remember when somebody loved me everything was beautiful and maybe now this time, you will love me and become my perfect drug and our raptures can linger in silence. 041105
deb I am sinking.

The mud is thick
and I do not have
the energy
to fight against it
this time...

It reaches up to grab,
and slowly pulls me

I wonder what it looks like,
down below...
I shall find out soon enough,
I fear.

And thus,
I slip away,
disappearing into this
chocolate abyss.

And I almost
don't even care
what's it to you?
who go