deb did you ever notice
those bald guys
who seem to
think growing a
makes up for it
unhinged i know someone is ingrained deep into my subconscious when i pick up their mannerisms. frank has this funny way of smiling and jerking his head or maybe it's the shrug of his shoulders...i keep doing that. i miss him and the guys. my dad said he was hurt by my lies but they are my friends. it has nothing to do with hearing them anymore. it was the holidays and i wanted to see them too. i feel kind of separated cleaved spread thin. gather them up and place them all in the same town. it would be so pleasant to walk down the street and really smile at everyone you meet. 010104
megan i am an exact replica of my brother. we're twins. :-) it makes me smile inside, knowing there's someone else on this Earth who is like me. 021225
minnesota_chris you can't be an EXACT replica, can you? 021225
megan silly you. :-) 021230
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