reviuquer "For pain and pleasure are the twins that slightly out of focus spin around us till we finally understand that everything that gives us pleasure also gives us pain to measure it by, and I also realize... that all our lives we love illusion, neatly caught between confusion and the need to know we are alive."

Mr. X in "Pain and Pleasure" on The Residents' "God is 3 Persons" album
moonshine I swear they are saying ping pong peach fuzz of watermelon pianos. 010119
florescent light "Roommates?!
I would have thought you were soulmates."

Funny, but lately I've been thinking that too.
Rae Denise and Rachael

a pair of wild cards
megan i am a twin.. perhaps that is weird, or different, or whatever. i don't even think about it even more, my brother doesn't either much i don't think. none of that reading mind crap or anything.. just love and concern for the other.. i look out for my brother. if anybody's gonna mess with him, i'll break their nose. that's just the way it is. and we understand each other. i don't have to say anything and he knows that i'm upset, or in love, or whatever. that's a twin, it's merely a built in best friend. 021109
p2 twins marrying twins

the mind boggles
faith am i, perhaps, a family?
a group of mentalities.
i think sometimes i have a twin
but not sitting next to me
but rather inside of me
and not an identical one
but someone althogether more different.
we argue a lot
and upset eachother greatly
and never do quite resolve our differences.
if only she knew how hard she made it fo me
and for my real family
who are really only one person each
i envy them
does anhone else be two?
if so, let me know.
perhaps our twins could fall in love and leave us in peace
or perhaps they'd only laugh at us.
x twisted x i wish i was a twin. i think life would be so much more interesting if i had a best friend that looked exactly like me. woot! how awesome would it be to mess with people and be cool like that. :) i can only dream. 040331
killrhythm what about them attracts you people? is it the fake smile they give you, is it the way they chew their gum with their mouths wide open, is it the way they frost their faces and hair each day, is it the fake laugh they have, or is it the way that they wear heels with sweatpants? get over them boys. they aint nothin. 050607
no reason "we're long lost twins who just found each other a week ago"

the farther from the truth the better or something
what's it to you?
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