Rhin I will always have the blood on my hands! The blood of my twin... 001205
silentbob huh? what? 001205
Rhin I have no idea???
It just popped into my head.
Repressed memory perhaps?
fran Is one of you evil and trying to sleep with my wives?

Wouldn't put it past you.
Rae i don't want to be a twin.

i had never felt more ashamed of who i was and what i looked like until i saw the trail of tears my twister left behind. i will never get to be free of the blood that she washed from her hands. i will never get to be just me.
megan twins.. i am one, surprisingly. i say surprisingly becaus eno one would guess or pick us out if we're in a room together. his name is eric, and we are about as different as they come. but he's my soulmate and he's my built-in best friend, so i suppose i can deal now. the funniest thing-- people actually ask if we're identical! nope, sorry people i'm missing a few parts.... 021118
crimson She had been my siamese twin, joined at the mind. Looking back, I find that there is a longing in me, a void looking to be filled the indulgently tender affinity of Us, of twinship. 031011
drinman If I had a twin I would totally make out with his girlfriend, just to piss him off. 031119
BitterSweetDream I have one. But in a warped way. Not by blood. By way of being. It's just an us thing... 040108
young pretender everyone has a twin, or so they say. an id. a doppelganger.
i never want to meet mine - i'd get inferiority complexes
pmh08 "yeah, it's weird, he never mentioned he's a twin."
"that's such a twin thing to do."
"as opposed to when a non-twin does it???"
Solely I I failed to tell anyone I had a twin, thereby reinforcing all those negative stereotypes about people who don't have a twin. 080112
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