psyki rapid withdrawl
that's expressed anywhere
awkward wasp teeth
completely tender
perfectly painful
chasing overrated fantasies
breathe constantly
dangerous heartbeat
bittersweet mockery
worthless fuzz
wow linkless. congrats. 000328
dug Words connect and flow
Merging into meaning
An idea to be expressed
A cryptogram to be deciphered and understood
fran I had an idea once. 001216
ass facely what was that like? 001216
anonymous An Idea

Once there was a Spark They kindled her and helped her grow and
Fed her wood and paper and she brought heat and light And
then They changed her name to warmth And fed her
more and more and then They left but she was
Still hungry and sticks could not satisfy her
appetite So she devoured the dry skin
cracked bark and Fresh new
saplings and wood crafted
into Homes for Them
and They were
wrong Again
They changed Her name to
distorted tendencies Everything I do and say, blooms from an Idea. 010916
ilovepatsajak i like the feeling you get when you first think of a good idea. it feels like the best idea ever and you feel so smart. it's cool. but right now, it would be a good idea for me to start some work. 010916
Reverend Lough "WAIT......
I think I jus'.....


I just had an idea."
idea i am a lightbulb going on 021215
p2 my lightbulb
is the flourescent kind
but it has long since
turned into one of those
office bulbs
which explains
my half-baked ideas
Phoenix I have a passion for ideas. I can come up with ideas. I'll be sitting down in a chair, lying on my bed, curled up at
the bottom of the shower, and I'll come up with an idea.
I'll say something, and that will be my
idea. I don't care what I do with it, as long as it's me that does something with it, and as long as I'm happy with it.
If I write a book that has an idea, then
I've used my idea. I don't like to sell my ideas though. I don't believe ideas may be sold... but I suppose I fear
that they are. What if I sell my idea, and it truly is not mine anymore? After I sell that idea, someone else uses it in their book or their life, and then when I think back about that idea, it is no longer my idea because it is his - he who now "owns" it. And if I try to recover that idea, try to propose it again, people around me say, "That is not your idea." And they scoff at my foolishness.
I am just a drunkard to them. A drunkard who is not drunk.
nesa hesa hoo ideas are great

it is when you have to articulate them into the unfortunate and inadequate medium of words that you lose the true wonder of the ideas.
minnesota_chris Ok, my latest idea is to make a public access TV show, and have a prime time puppet show. Basically where every character is like Grover or the Cookie Monster.

I would even advertise things. I'm the camera zooms in on a furry creature's googly eyes, and he says "Do you have trouble pooping?"
niska looking down into the pit, i see it sparkle and shine as a tiny ray of light dances across it. i admire its gleaming beauty for what seems like an eternity, but is actually the length of a glance; for before my eyes can focus, it's gone.

it's still there. i know it is. but i lack the courage to retrieve it.

with every moment that passes, i grow less fond of the idea.
test \|//
somebody \|//
. . 030730
nomme ????is_it_just_me???? 030730
girl gone mad stork daddy is more than a good idea. he is, in fact, an excellent idea. 040402
kx21 A Product or by_product of Man_talk(s) & Woman_nag(s)... 040409
even friends i can paint it all black and
follow that design
in that store which was
the store with its windows
and doors.
what's it to you?
who go