jennifer while packing
I found a tape
with 6 continuous hours
of footage from my
lava lamp
bee little box that locks up a moment. 000112
old hick My cousin would be a free man right now if it weren't for these little bastards. 000124
mmm i will use it to steal ur soul 010325
like rain. i'll try to capture you in this lens so that i can pull you out in the future that shakes beneath my feet and maybe it won't work but if i try to drink you into the film at least i will have known that the moment exists somewhere 010511
Nath to capture a moment the camera is used, for future use bringing together freinds and families to enjoy the special moments of time gone by! 031117
misstree give me wonderment.
give me pining.
give me bitterness.
give me you.
last roll. it's a wrap.
what's it to you?
who go