Knock_knock it down.
Pound your fist on the sky, and wait
for the trees to cry,
nameless I'v been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks (nirvana) Kurt's not dead. He's still in our souls 000414
tourist The churches that try to keep God locked in a box and then try to get you to pay your ten per cent so they can make it nice for Him there; these guys I just don`t get.The Ego, The gall.....Here Omnipotent Omnipresence
Maker of All things (visible and invisible) locked in a Box (Nice Small Box ) so the good folks can come visit Him once or twice a week with their offerings to pay for all the pomp and circumstance afforded such an important prisoner.Asking to be granted a special place in His presence when they leave from here. Wouldn`t it suprise them if He puts them in a Box , maybe visits them once or twice a millenia, gives them a quarter then puts them back on the shelf.
guitar_freak boxed in
6 sides
no way out
what to do
can run
must get out
6 sides
devotchka i am, like every other person, afraid of the word "no." no implies rejection, that you're a fool, or that you're not good enough. i shouldn't care anymore, but i do. shyness and embaressment are the walls that keep me confined. in my comfort zone, my box. the world where everything is right. the walls of my box are very strong, and i can't climb out of the box. i must break through the wall. this is no easy task. it takes great strength and speed. it's like i have to break downt he walls before they realize what is about to happen, because if the walls find out they are soon to be under attack, their strength will double, putting my efforts on hold. the walls of my box just don't give up, they're extremely persistant. i must make a plan of attack. hit the walls with all i've got. then we'll see if i have what it takes to live life without a box. 010407
illya23b in or out: topologically equivalent spaces. know where you are. 010719
baby satan none of you know what's inside of mine! hahaha! hahaha! 010720
paste! i'm going to start thinking outside of the box, my box, and thus i must crawl; i'm going to step outside of my cardboard home and ponder the relevance of things in this dirty alley instead. 010720
onceidid I need a box of a certain size.
I canot find one anywhere.
I can use a box I allready have but then where to put what was in that box.
erica patrick had a secret box with a secret strings, spongebob pulled thats fucking string and shattered a friendship worth a million cookies 030212
erica drugs are bad drugs are bad keep the drugs in the box 030212
Insat 4 walls with a top and bottom. 030212
endless desire this is my box
this is where ive been trained
to be
to stay
to rest
to wait
as i watch my life pass before me
or more like. . .
without me.
everyone in it.
but, go on, i tell them, finish your race.
ill just sit here in my box.
with a smile.
my endless smile.
im learning to turn it up-side down
and still be ok.

but thats when the box keepers come.
because that is not ok.
i am not ok.
and who i want to be is certainly never ok.
im sorry, i say. forgive me, i say.
love me, i say.
they comfort
yet they push
me back.
into my walls i go.
stop. i beg you.
i plead. and they leave
oh god. what a tragic cliche
to love and leave
beg and plead
long and receive nothing.
i fear the only thing i can do now
is build a door.

what will the boxkeepers say, you ask
what will they do?
how shall they punish, you ask
oh but do i really give a damn?

this is my box.
tori mine is 24" and i dont watch it. 031115
Road endless you shatter me. 031115
endless desire picks up Road's shattered pieces. . .
"oh! i am sorry!
that was never my intention!"

nom that's what i call my place
my box
fanky the smell of your box is quite alluring 060327
nom ? 060810
what's it to you?
who go