MercynRe inside myself
with no key to discover the truth
myplasticmind screaming to be let out,
for another chance to see the daylight.
But i find no voice to speak,
no eyes left to see,
and no escape from my maddening thoughts.
my cage
User24 locked things can always be opened, key or no key. 030401
Mistress Q Lies and depression. Fears and obsessions.
Suicidal thoughts. Can't Connect the dots.
Life is just a dream on the way to death.
Everyone's a thought just waiting to fade.
And in this bizarre world of dreams and denials
sits a perfect angel. A figment of obsession
and infatuation intertwined into one. Aching
and wreathing. WIngs scabbed and scarred.
Atrocities and evil deeds forced unto her.
Fallen by force. She will be saved. Strength
in aura. Protected by four arch angels of her
heart. They stand -

Before her Rapheal,
Behind her Gabriel,
at her right hand Micheal,
at her left hand Ariel....

Four arch angels of her heart, They carry her on
their wings so she may fly again.
Death of a Rose in a cell. trying to remember what the fuck happened last night. Jesus, being shoved in the back of flashing lights, puking and getting hit in the back of head, shit, someone spraying my face, someones hand is in my pocket, I heard a clank. Damn it's cold here. 031012
Unnamed the key lies in the desert of my thoughts just screaming...
Like a Salvadore Dali, the persistance of my memory rings throughout the candle-lit night sky.
kelsey i can never unlock locks. If i do, the key is stuck and either someone else has to unlock it or i just hope no one sees the key. I will never beable to unlock something on my own, but will always need the assistance of someone else. 041002
suicidalchinadoll trapped in a toilet stall/house bathroom/department store change room...

...its funny in hindsight..
but to actually have to crawl out from under doors..or bang on them until someone tells you how to operate the fucking locks..
its a little demeaning

if funny

if only in hindsight..
*hides face*
dandy I know what you mean. I just hand over the whole fob of keys for semi-wonky locks for someone else to do. For normal locks, I never remember if its clockwise or counterclockwise. Just today I went to wave someone goodbye and locked myself out of my office after hours. No coat, no keys, no phone. No money to take a bus. No way to get home or call anyone else to bail me.

Locks can't keep anyone out who wants to get in, who doesn't respect personal space anyway. Nothing needs to be locked. People just need to be trained not to walk off with anything that isn't locked, bolted or nailed down. If you didn't buy it or bring it with you, leave it when you go. Is that so hard?
thieums I am my own lock
And I am my own key...
what's it to you?
who go