nameless sometimes i dont have anything to say and there's those quiet moments wich i ususally hate so im looking for something to say and until i find, the person next to me finds something else. 991218
deb you and me
we used to be together
every day together
i really feel that i'm losing
my best friend
i can't believe this could be the end
it looks as though you're letting go
and if its real,
well, i dont want to know

dont speak i know just waht you're saying
so please stop explaining
dont tell me cause it hurts
dont speak i know what you're thinking
i dont need your reasons
dont tell me cause it hurts

your memories, they can be inviting,
but some are alltogether mighty frightening
as we die, both you and i, with my head in my hands, i sit and cry


its all ending we gotta stop pretending who we are

you and me
i can see us dying
are we?


dont tell me cause it hurts...

hush, hush darlin'...

(no doubt, tragic kingdom)
Shar The Tick's loyal capybara sidekick! 000306
nahuatzel what i am not told to do
"women should be seen and not heard"

too civilized:
shreak, kick, storm,
but to speak would be too kind
((opiate_womb)) i will be the silence. 010627
Casey I don't like to talk all that much. And talking crouds make me mad sometimes 010627
Aimee my roommate and I have been living together for 3 days now, and today we finally spoke to each other... I'm serious. Before it was just vague greetings... and the only way I could get her to talk about anything was by instant messaging her... astounding. 010825
translucent I dont mean to be silent. I know what I want to say, but I cannot say it. I know that I am not a very good conversationalist, but I try. I can talk to you, and no one else. When Richard tries to make me tell him why I am so sad, I just stare off in complete silence. When Tom appologizes, I stare at the ground. I would like to accept his appology, but I cannot just yet. I know he is my friend. A true friend. But still, this should not have happened. 010826
LIL CHRIS I know that things aren't the same between us ne more. We still talk from time to time but time passes with empty words being spoken. If we do speak we argue and grow further apart from each other. I know how this conflict between me and you started but I'm afraid on where it's all gonna end. Will we ever speak to each other like we use to or will things remain like they are now? 020829
Destination? your mouth never opens in the right way and when it does it is only to hear your own voice in a room filled with ears. There is no expectation of a response, no need for insight into your words, blank and vacant they poor from this hole in which we are all forced to look at. Never letting anyone in, never letting anything out, you speak but never say a word. 020919
~gez~ breathe easy. and speak fluently, and you'll get out of any situation 020919
my mind what shoudl i say to that, fucking idiot, no you cant even recondize. i wont speak to you anymore 040310
Forming Mind When you speak and utter nothing but sounds, I listen. I am silent because I am thinking. At the end I know myself better and you know how to waste your time.
Leave it be.
me "What's the matter?", she asked with genuine concern. He sighed, and looked down the dark road, through the white glow of his headlights. He paused for a minute, thinking. How could he explain? How could he tell her what was on his mind? How could he explain his silence? How could he explain this urge to crawl into his own mind, and forget about life? He couldn't. He couldn't tell her that it was her fault. No, he couldn't tell her how she made him feel. I know your game, he thought. I know how you lead a guy on, and get to know him just enough to find his soft spot, and then stick a knife in it. I see how you treat people. I see how everything you claim not to be has now come to define you. I see how you think you're everything you say you hate, and don't know it. I see how you flit around with every guy you have the smallest crush on, get to know him, then rip his heart out by the roots. Why don;t you just tug a little harder on mine, he thought. I see you're just a superficial as the rest, and how you only pretend to be deeper than that. And i feel sorry for you. I feel bad that society, and maybe even your own mind and self conciousness won't let you shine. Becuase every now and then, I get a glimpse of who you really are. And this is the girl I fell in love with. Not this pretty, self assured, gossiping teen that you've become. And i see this amazing girl underneath all the makeup, and underneath the expensive clothes, inside the high heels, and I miss her. I see how she gets shoved down,only to appear for short lengths of time. I feel sorry that this girl does not show. This lonely, timid, deep girl who I can tell has more experience, wisdom, and pain inside of her than she lets on. Every now and then, this wonderful girl shows up, and I look into the eyes of a godess. Every once in a while, she comes through. But then you shove her down again. Maybe its the strive to be unique from everybody else like you say want to be. Or maybe it's your reluctance to just open up, and be yourself, and let your personality shine, for fear of regection or embarressment. And it's torture. For me, maybe for you. Becuase I see this girl inside of you, and I love her deeply. But I only see enough to keep me curious, and most of the time I am frustrated. That girl, the one who is ignorant and superficial, that is not you. The girl inside is you. Maybe someday you'll let her out, or maybe you just don't know she's there. Maybe someday, I'll tell you. I'll open my mouth, my mind, and my heart for real, and all this will come spewing out. Maybe in short bursts. Maybe all at once. Maybe when I get to talk to this girl, my silence will be broken. But not now. Not when you're this young. Not when you're this ignorant, and inexperienced. Your not ready. You wouldn't listen. You're not open minded enough to understand, or even attempt to. You would just push away, and think I'm crazy, or get mad, and insulted. You would not listen. So I'll wait. And for now I'll keep my mouth shut, and let this eat me up inside, because i hope it will be better in the long run. "Nothing", he says. He stares down the road, a blank deep stare, with a sad half-smile on his face. He is quiet. His mind rages. 041229
Rob Speak
you say
but the only
meaning I know
is heard in
lassie woof! woof! 080904
Rob "Speak,"
you say,
but the only
I've ever known
is found
in silence.
nom fala 081007
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