old hick I just don't want to appear superficial. 000122
Tess but what about shallow? you could make like a river if you were shallow... 000122
crybaby i'm off to immerse myself in superficiality. Bye! 000123
birdmad it's just a flesh wound 000824
Grievance But it cuts down to the soul. 011018
yummyC *points to self and sighs* 011019
reitoei scratch the surface and nothing's left 011020
crimson superficial am I 030723
Death of a Rose Whip out the dictionary again.

I'm going to build another world and only blatherites will be allowed to colonize it.

Nothing would be as addictive as ya'll.
bluten the complete opposite of...deep? or subliminal.
is this depth and shallowness,
or latent and blatent?
would you rather be a participant or an observer of life?
minnesota_chris I think that most of the things we say and do are artificial. We talk the way we want, appear the way we want to appear. It's constructed.

The way we are inside, the way we "truly" are, only comes out in weird ways. Blurted phrases. The way we can't say positive things when we are feeling negative. Things like that.

And that's not to say that the 90 or 95% of the things that make up our appearance are "fake". They are as much a part of us as our "real" self, and I think, perhaps even more important.
sameolme the superficial is the surface
As the sphere shrinks surface to volume increases
at the beginning, a naked singularity
all surface no depth
superficial is the depth
depth is a superfcial fantasy
god superfission 041010
xoringmaster17ox Talk about superficial,
i've got walls full of mirrors
and mountains of makeup,
but no way to make up
all of the fake things I do.
what's it to you?
who go