psyki the clock just skipped an hour, and things are seeping with grey again. i've been a little careless with myself. hopefully she'll understand that sharing back seats is dangerous. a long drive inside a car home, so difficult not to touch her leg. seems like somebody else's dream. too wonderful, too perfect. light blue left on the living room floor. skinny sofas and slippery showers. a heart somewhere underneath the most beautiful skin i know. eventually the afternoon always arrives, always too soon. sunlight through the blinds and a sad kiss goodbye. now strange liquids cause strange feelings. a head swimming with words. like fuzzy. 010401
frAnk writing like this is why i come here. 010401
sshhhh be quiet ! melo have you got a new corse way?
Have you meet Paul Frank yet.
How about mAggie?
chick a do I can't foul you.
Hit me, Hit me, Hit me wiv your_________________________________________________________________________________________(sing song !)
penrose x twiddlybits Steadily increasing, as synchronized to your very observation of it. If you could stop realizing it was louder, it would stop. And yet, this is impossible. The mind sabotages, repeatedly causing it's hosts pain. 030521
Twist9 slowly cascading in to castrophonies of intense sound do pure and raw that the mind's eyes filled with its brilliant light, as though the sun has finally been uncovered after a hurricane.

He turns off the music and_he_lives
u24 internet_radio
i'm still tuned in to goa_psy_trance pretty much 24_7 (see sky.fm)
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