jennifer it's good to hear that deb is still with us 000803
little fury bug it was in your pocket the whole time 020822
*silent screams Acting like normal and doing everything i normally would, when suddenly i can feel it growing inside of me. My eyes widen, only starring with a blank, emotionless stare, my breathing gets heavier, but the terrifing sound of the new silence pushes away all sounds.When i finally realize i feel a growing pain in my chest i realized i stopped breathing...i wasn't breathing, wasn't moving...i can feel myself getting hot. When did i stop breathing?...I don't know...i didn't! i can't remember, i wasn't myself, i wasn't there. My mind ventured off the cliffs of forever only to come back to find a child who was terrified with the uknown 021206
phil I have been futily happy swiming in a circle of drowning thoughts. 030112
niska wow. screams, *silent, it's like you read my mind... 030301
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