me? faceless body floating in the river. death in the siene. drowning is not one of my fears. 991121
amy i stay out of the water. i dream about plane crashes. i suppose i could dream about planes crashing into the water. i would probably get rescued. 000201
fyn gula He was walking in hollywood fake snow up to his ankles with his father until they reached the ocean.

he went in the water, shedding his winter clothes.

many were swimming and one clung on to him as if she was dying. for a brief moment her weight was causing him to actually drown.

"i will not die in this manner," he said, and with a strength he never knew before he rose from the sea with her in his arms.

and he lived.
camille I've experienced drowning with my mouth never touching the water, nor my lungs being filled with water...

One summer afternoon my cousin and i walked along the lake hunting hooks carelessly left behind by other fishermen for our brothers who were busily waiting for fish to bite.

I spotted a package of hooks by the lakes edge..not knowing how to swim i inched my way to the package which was a few feet down by the water.

Ground was went my feet began to slide, before i knew it i was waist deep in water...I looked to my cousin for help as i helplessly grasped at weeds along the edge to hold me...but to my amazement and fear they came up roots attached...i slunk lower and slower as in slow motion. It was such a slow drowning as i looked up into my cousins laughter..
I thought how idiotic ... to die like this fishing for hooks
Much less to die laughing as her laughter was contagious beyond my drowning..
I with one foot clinging to the side of the lake, the other foot feeling , fishing for the bottom that wasn't there.
I could feel the water as it rose up my belly begin to fill my lungs before it got there...
Realization...I'm drowning and no one can stop it. Not even my cousin.

My brother happened along at that time realizing the situation, i was up to my shoulders in water and his hand came down as he pushed my cousin aside with the other. He saved my life...

That day i realized that even the realization of someonelse watching someone drown could not save me.
camille what does my cousin do now??? She's a professional bowler... at least she's not a life gaurd... 000310
BoofPixie i almost did once. Big Splash water park. Tulsa, Oklahoma. My dad let me go down the big slide alone. 000310
girl i feel like i am.
there is just too much of everything.
it is all around me.
i feel stiffled like im suffocating.
i can feel the water in my lungs.
birdmad in a sea of faces

in a sea of doubts
seedofeden never and always and done


at last
eruth be word
stan ican remember being four years old and drowning in a hotel swimming pool. I was scooped up by an older brother from my "dead man's (boy's in this case) float. Serendipity provided a doctor who just happened to be there to pump water out of my lungs and revive me. I woke in the motel room unaware of what had happened to me. I was too young to know that I was in danger of dying, and without that i can say absolutely positively that drowning is physically painless. I also read somewhere that drowning is the form of suicide most often chosen by people who use psychedelic drugs. 000731
sotto voce it was raining anvils by the time i got the message
all the while, i was drowning in shallow puddles of oblivion
never was i the strong swimmer
weak was i, and pitiful, and slow.
lycanthrope in some old places they threw babies into the river and if they swimmed they could live,
they knew they couldn't swim.
But they were looking for gods,
that's where they forwarded the pain.
With stories of the flood, floods not by them,
if the floods raise enough it crowds the rain, and there are no ripples,
let alone any evidence of some ancient thrashing that in time would've become swimming if it had been given the breath.

A father turns his back on the water,
and shudders at a drowning that was surely almost his own.

A mother sits at home and cannot look at the numbness that was pain, as flushed red turns to blue to purple just one more time, like a stone sinks to the bottom in spirals.

In a flood of this magnitude, top and bottom are really interchangeable, both are the spots of drowning.
All that is necessary for drowning is water, a breath, and disagreement.

All that is necessary is innocent need, and indifferent gravity.
girl_jane in my own mucus 020310
girl_jane I hate being sick. 020310
reitoei water: krishna. the creator. the destroyer. we all need water to live.
but in a pool it sucks you in, like it wants the 70% of your body thats water back. and sucks you down and down and down towards the murky depths from which you will never rise again
erin. it's all i feel sometimes.
that sinking choking feeling.
that breathingbreathingbreathing
and nothing works right
because it's all liquid--
it's all completely unusable fluid--
and chokingchokingchoking
i wake up to find
that this is my reality;
that choking feeling is real,
and that it's my heart in my throat
as i turn my back on the world
and turn up my collar as i walk away--
there's no use in letting the chill
set in--
it's only another thing to choke on.
~gez~ let the bodies hit the floor 020808
minnesota_chris I heard Garrison Keillor quoting this:

Nobody heard him, the dead man,
But still he lay moaning:
I was much further out than you thought
And not waving but drowning.

Poor chap, he always loved larking
And now he's dead
It must have been too cold for him his heart gave way,
They said.

Oh, no no no, it was too cold always
(Still the dead one lay moaning)
I was much too far out all my life
And not waving but drowning.

--Stevie Smith
stork daddy i love that one. i always say it whenever my friends see me from far away and then when they get closer i go...i wasn't waving i was drowning...but they never get it. 020922
unhinged somehow thoughts won't formulate on my brain today but i know that i feel like i am drowning. god, please help me out. help me make it one more year without killing myself. 020923
AFI To the wounded:
I have seen the self image that they've forced you to reduce to shattered glass, the only remaining value lying in its jagged edges....
No fear of death, but through fear of life, your weakness kills everyone, so Live!
hurt in the puddle...stop the rain.
hide emotions...feel no pain.
sewer clogged...cant sit still.
by myself...i cantttt kill.
god when things get bad, just gnaw off your lips and smile 030401
TalviFatin You threw yourself into me
My mind became cluttered with you
Drowning in confusion I grasped at your hand
But time froze and I havnt seen a helping hand
What will happen when things melt
Will you grab my hand and pull me out
And embrace me like the ground embraces the sky
I cant tell where your mind is
Or where its been
Or where it will go
Because right now I’m alone
Swimming and drowning in a lake
Of you
(c)copyright Kristen Tedeschi
Lemon_Soda see drown_yourself 031020
misstree at play in the ocean, i slipped out of sight
and now i sit silent, for how can you fight
endless legions of water determined to kill;
swim all you want, it will drown you still.

i'll smile at fishes who lunch on my toes,
for smiling's my duty, as everyone knows.
now salty and sodden, i won't be the same;
don't mourn for your jester, remember her name.

(wrote that while in an exceptionally good mood--much like now--three or four years ago. it's doggerel, and i don't apologize.)
Death of a Rose jesus bob, call the coast guard, we have alot of drowners out there. 031020
pipedream ' "I didn't know it was deep," said Meg. "I didn't drown." '

Alice Munro, 'Miles City, Montana'
pH imbalanced non-acidic trio myself is i agame i play 031021
reue silently floating
feeling the current flow
sliding further down from the light
bubbles ripple the shades of blue
the noise of silence weighing heavy on my shoulders
i would weep, but it just mixes in with the rest of the world
to no avail
whome I almost drowned once on a waterslide. So did my brother.

I yelled at the lifeguard to help him out and she said not to yell at her, then turned back to her conversation.

It made me very angry. But he was okay.
whitechocolatwalrus you are drowning in your own oblivion. 031202
bloody potato chip drowning in a sea of air 040101
me without water in sight.

sinking, going under.

pushed down by everyone else, they try to pull their way back up. some make it. others fail.

among doubts.

do you have the strength to get out?
me along with everyone_else 040122
noname stay out of the water. Where the silence grips at your throat like so many cold, bony fingers. You panic, but then realise that there is no point. In the grand scheme of things you are ALREADY DEAD! You still find the power to struggle. One last stand against the evil of the world, fading away into the black depths of the abyss. Everything is still. Nothing moves. The only sound is the slow beating of your heart. fading fading fading. gone. There is nothing now. stay out of the water 040524
love & hate Stand very still,
dont make a sound.
You can feel it.
The breeze has stopped,
everything is still.
You take a breathe,
trying not to disturb
the still, motionless air
that surrounds you.
Let it out,
the air hasnt changed.
There is a hint of something,
something that will happen.
The calm before the storm.
It's been raining,
so heavily over me for so long.
Now, there is nothing,
nothing but waiting.
The air shifts,
as it too knows there is more to come.
A torrential rain which will fall.
It's not over yet.
Once again, it will rain,
the sky opens up
and lets all its fury out.
Beating me down.
The lightning strikes,
lights up my tear stricken face,
but only for a moment,
only for a glimpse.
As the thunder bellows,
my body quivers
as the downpour strengthens.
I'm on the ground now,
huddled in a ball.
Leaving me dripping with defeat,
the stench of fear,
as the onslaught continues.
Destroys everything in its path.
My heart,
my soul,
my body,
my mind.
The weight is too heavy to bear.
My heart breaks,
my soul cracks,
my body tears open
and my mind is lost.
All this can be seen,
in these four padded
walls that surround me.
Trying to keep me dry,
out of the rain.
But there's a leak,
I can see it.
Over there in the corner.
A constant dripping of water,
and the sound as it falls
is deafening.
There is no escape,
nothing this room can do.
The rain wont cease,
until this room is flooded.
And all that is left,
is my naked body,
floating in the rain.
Just another drowning victum,
but without water.
Freak in over my head...and sinking farther 051130
Twist9 in a pool of his own vomit, never again to shoot up with the pure dream that he so hated and loved. But he finds his power and rolls over, and_he_lives 060502
unhinged your dreams have drowned again
because you never learned to swim
older but
no better

frank silver, ivet
unhinged i have to keep reminding myself to exhale 140803
Twitch Back again - please don't drown 140804
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