if i could talk id tell you for some unknown reason,
whatever she says seems to strike me as extraordinarily rude.
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O BS! Server Airline workers go on strike, and everyone's like, "Get back to work, You!"

Sitcom writers go on strike, and everyone's like, "I really feel for them. Here's to organized labor."
up yours what's a sitcom writer?

why do you need to write it?

why can't you just do it on the spot in real time, its more interwesting and less dry.

it's boring when you try, it obvious you arn't a natural.

why sit for hours debating on what a good line is, editing is there for a reason. when babies play mummies and daddies they don't have a script they read, they just make it up there and then because they are in imagination mode.

be a baby not a try hard!
what's it to you?
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