misstree is utterly beyond me today.
i've stopped myself from correcting myself on a number of occasions, because i don't like having 3-4 posts in a row, and it would have happened about five times today already if i didn't have such self-control and laziness.
where the heck did i put that nap???
epitome of incomprehensibility Oh great geekerboks. I have my prose portfolio to edit and it seems well nigh impossible at this point. Spelling isn't usually a problem, grammar only sometimes... It's that at a certain point, I look over my stories and nothing makes any sense. 080415
epitome of incomprehensibility Apparently I've edited my present from what I thought it would be when it was still the future. Still doesn't make sense, eh? I'll write something under the_incongruity_fascist, provided links are retroactive. Don't worry, I haven't become fascist. The Incongruity Fascist is a nickname for someone.

Probably nobody knows me anymore as I haven't written here in a while. Life is busier than I'd have thought imaginable, but this assessment is probably false. I should read what other people are writing these days, anyway, at least a little.
silentbob You start and suddenly it's four hours later and you haven't eaten and it's almost too late. 140118
e_o_i note_about_a_french_worksop 140118
silentbob Now making of a clean version of Childish_Gambino because_the_internet 140118
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