wordbug Sat, March 13, 2004

the first entry in the word "row"
hopefully more to come in the future
falling_alone sometimes i don't understand whether i'm doing this for the fact that i love being on the water or love of the shock value when i say i'm up at 5 everyday just to do it. 060914
grendel i'm a floating data point on a cosmic ledger, my street and the ones in front of and behind it are the rows, the cross streets are the columns

i'll worry about doing the math later
falling_alone last saturday was cold, so cold in fact, i had on a tank top, t-shirt, under amour, another heat trapping shirt, a sweat shirt, a fleece sweat shirt, two pairs of spandex pants, a hat, damm that i forgot my gloves...

i sat there in the middle of the rushing water, looking at the snow that still lay on the ground, remembering that only a few days prior the entire surface had been frozen over, not connecting why i was there as in my mind it was always warm, should always be warm when one is surrounded by a body of water in such a narrow boat
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