god the_sun_the_llama_and_the_maple_tree 011021
translucent i be the king of the streets 011021
apocalynx despite citing safety, i solemnly foresee a decrease in forests and the death of humanity. unless we shift quickly, the rest are left guessing, i guess flesh and wood's not as blessed as metal and petroleum products, no contest, and so on with the conquest nonsense, bureaucratic monsters protect wall street and suppress any dwelling hostility by killing civilians swiftly and installing distilleries in place of ancient trees while we rape the vacant seas with breaks in hulls of tankers, mercury, and PCBs, and so our safety devices and plans we've devised and revised surprise us with useless information. our nation's taken aback by this heinous disgrace, the current administration admits to stationing agents in europe and asia and hating the non-mainstream population, so human nature's impatience defeats common sense no seats on the fence, dense forests recede and we can feel the slurred breeze, all that's left standing in this weak ecosphere are the skyscrapers and streets 050106
emmi how can you tell me you're lonely?
say that the sun for you don't shine
let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of london
i'll show you something that'll make you change your mind...

this song always comes to mind when i'm walking the streets of hackney, especially in the evenings, doing my shoppings at iceland and tugging my laundry past the man in the wheelchair who always says...
"what do you want out of life"
"have you achieved it"
"um, i suppose so..."
oldephebe 3:00am and i've just played my last set, a special guest (invited to sit in on the last set at a club called the newstand in center city phila. i have my alto or my tenor in a its case slung over my shoulder, the cobbled streets where i will wait for my trolley is covered with a fine mist, and the ghost light of the street lanterns is..well comforting. The few people out at this hour, the inevitable vagrant, the person coming off work, the Inquirer delivery men all moving with a kind of subdued reverance for the lateness of the hour, each knowing that in this time, this interegnum between the slowy exaguinating night and the first stirrings of a new day. I manage to emancipate myself from several womens inebriated banter to go into the night, the long silent night where i believe magic exists, where dreams are no longer dreams but alternate realities. I love, I mean part of everything and aprt of nothing in the same equisite moment.
sahba the streets are alive
every memory is contained
to be revived by someone someday
walking down these streets
if only
i could unlock the memories they contain
if only they would let me
captain spellbound exanguinating 050316
snarl. are for lying on. 050609
somebody Are for your feets. 080112
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