charles killing. what's your take? 991103
Nate Higgins Mercy in an unjust world, purity in a hypocritical reality, the basic instinct that acompanies any will for self preservation.
You do it every day, every bite of food you eat, every breath you take something dies.
Kill to live, live to kill: every justification is an illusion do it because it is what you do and revel in the rewards.
But personally I hate it with a passion.
deb im a vegetarian, so i'm all about
or at least,
in an inhumane manner...

so odd, though, i'm not oppossed
to hunters, since those poor
animals would die of starvation
without those rifles and arrows..

as long as its quick and
painless as possible, well,
hey, why not?

feel free to gut me next, if you must..

why not? everyone else has.....
amy it's okay to kill animals, to kill babies. easy for me to say. 000206
Barrett " my business, and business is good"
" the name of"
"...yourself to live"
grendel softly
someone you know killing is worse than dying. 001118
snatch kill your television 020207
snatch kill to become stronger. kill off what brings you down. the dead depend upon the living, so kill the dead 'till they're dead! 020207
Asrai you must be really mad if you're going to use that thing on me 020922
queen of darkness killing is the coward's way out...
dying is the only way out
Lemon_Soda Benevolent killing is everythings greatest strength.

Melevolent killing is everythings greatest weakness.

All comes down to motivation if you ask me.

Personally, anyone can take life away, but only the great can grant it.
you youre killing me!!! 060804
somebody murder. the ultimate crime of passion 090610
silentbob waiting, the penultimate crime of passion 090611
jio jio 100215
what's it to you?
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