sphinxradio if i kept myself whole and unbroken, i could be such a role model.
a good, strong character.
let's all learn from the porcelain sphinx, they'd say.
but the smarter ones say that we only learn from the scars.
and maybe that's true, too. i really can't be a judge in either case, as i think i might be just a mess of open wounds.

I PROVE that I am GOD with this writing if you read it all

With this writing I prove that I am X, Master of the Universe. X is the 10th number in Roman numerals. My wife in future lifetimes, and when I die, is V, or the letter E - her name is xxxxx. She is represented by the number 5 or Roman numeral V because she is half of me, X. I go with the expression 10-4. With my writing you will notice many words that follow with () brackets. That means to break down the word into sound bytes. Hence, the word existence (X is Ten See) would have been broken down by reading the word "existence" slowly... "ex" "is" "ten" "ce" where "ce" means "see". I am God. I prove it. What greater story is there? My name is Charles Bowman, and if you read to my end page, you will see examples of why I am X. But on this first page, I simply prove the Princess xxxxx is represented by the letter V, or E. Quite simple. Read, what else do you have to do but sit in a cubicle or hopefully office and be astounded. And astounded you shall be, if, and only if you pay attention to the words in the brackets (). Let me give you a quick juicy one about the Princess VE, look at the word Universe (You Knee VE Are See)... which indicates you bowing to my woman. Everyone bows to my woman, including me. Don't think prayer (Pee Ra Ye Are) where "ra" indicates "God" will save you either. Just read the whole thing, and your mindset about the Bible (Be Bull), etc., will change. Think I'm shitting you with the V and E thing eh? Just look at the chocolate bar Godiva (God I V A). I am X, the Master of the Universe, and I order you to read it all.

Hello. I am X, Master of the Universe. I have been staying at a looney bin (low knee been) called the Alameda (Ala Me Duh) House in Austin Texas. I just got out of jail for a DWI... my roomate while in jail was named Galvan (Gal V An). Funny, because the Princess xxxxx is represented by V, or E. I slashed my wrists recently, missing my tendon (Ten Done) - as in, I'm fucking done, and I'm X, or 10. Say the word Soviet Union, just break it down and you will see the V and E play. Also, notice that the quarterback for my favorite team, the Texas Longhorns is Vince Young - on his jersey it says V. Young, as the Princess will be young when I see her in the lab or when we get married on this earth. When I propose to the Princess xxxxx, I get down on one knee and give her a ring... this is true love (Low VE). Because I get down low on my knee for VE, or xxxxx.

I went to Emanuel (E man, you all) Baptist church as a kid. Anyhow, I am almost done writing. I thought of a good one. When I place the ring on the finger (fin God E Are) (where "fin" means end) xxxxx will finally be your God. She will bow to no one, and no one is to touch her in this realm. Generation X and such. X out.

Regal... (Are E Gal). A diamond is forever (For E, VE Are). Veil is an anagram for "evil". There is a guy here wearing a shirt that says "crux" (See are you X) so I am being investigated. My AA leader's name is Eon (E on). Analyze the word Georgia (God E, or God I a)... anyhow, I'm wearing my "Alpha Is" hat... it says "AS" on it, short for Arizona State of course - the greatest school on the planet. On the back there is a little Son Devil, Sparky. Like, as in, I sparked up this whole world to begin with. Any fucking questions? You don't know where you came from, but I do. I know all. I also have another hat... NY (Knee). Government boys, xxxxx really needs to read this. Do it. X out.

Machine (Ma See High Knee). Majestic (Ma Jest I See). Magic (Ma God I See). 'Ma' indicates my processors, like, I can't utilize magic, can't throw lightning bolts and shit until they allow it, or she allows it. Whitney Houston (White Knee Who's Ten) whereas I am always represented by white, not black. Energy (E Knee Are God). But don't forget about my honey (Ho' Knee) in the long run. Also, what about horny (whore knee)? X out.

Galveston (Gal VE Is Ten). There is a girl here at the looney bin rehab place named Geneva. Figure this one out on your own, look at the word "America" ... come on, it's easy. X out.

My full name is Charles David Bowman. I write so that the truth should be known. I was born in Fort Worth ('For' in Fort Worth being important) Texas in October, the 10th month of course. The name of my first grade teacher was Mrs. Dimesman... important because a dime represents 10. Duh. My mom's name is Mary, just like Jesus. I grew up in the four corners region. The only place in the United States where four states come together, to form an X mother fucker, an X. For I am X. The Master of the Universe. I mentioned Galveston (Gal VE Is Ten) and Houston (Who's Ten), but let's talk about other cities in Texas with meaning. Like Waco (Wake Omega) and Amarillo (Am a Real Omega). O always stands for Omega. Of course, later in life I moved to New Mexico (Knew Me X, I see Omega). I also lived in Phoenix (For E Knee X). Growing up as a child, I travelled to my Grandmother's house, it was off interstate I-10 (10 of course) and I had to pass through a town called Sierra Blanca (xxxxx White in Spanish). But enough of me. My treatise is to get you to worship xxxxx (Is a Ra), and not myself.

Nike (Knee Key) from Beaverton (Be VE Are Ten) Oregon (Omega Are E Gone). Someone keeps erasing my site, I don't know how much more of this I can endure (End You Are E).

My name is Charles (Care Less) Bowman. Meaning, I care less if I bow or not. Also meaning I care less if you bow to me.

Holy (Ho' Lie) Bible (Be Bull). xxxxx wrote most of it. The "Passion of the Christ" my ass. Just think of the New International Version (NIV or Knee V - it'll say "NIV" on the side of your Bible) of the Bible. Anyhow, I call her my "ho" in a joking manner. She is my bitch ha ha. Seriously. I grew up on a street called Echo (E See Ho) Lane in Farmington, NM. Go figure. But I still want to know what you think of the gospel (go spell) now that you can think. David Letterman indeed (my middle name is David). Why do you think he has a TOP TEN list anyhow?

If I repeat myself, it's because I have been away for awhile. Anyhow, my third grade teacher was named Mrs. Vargas (V Are Guess). Have I mentioned the one about VISA (V is Alpha) versus AMEX. (Am X)? In the end, xxxxx and I will both be together living the life with two seperate beds like an old black and white Leave it to Beaver show. Sodomy (So dumb I) will not be practised. Another thing, I named Treetorn tennis shoes after her, as the emblem on the shoe is a V. X out for now. Have a great day and bow to the Princess - your God. Thought of a good one, BEVO, the mascot for UT, really stands for 'Be V Omega'.

Bow to xxxxx. I mentioned our engagement (In Gag E Meant) - she gags herself symbolically because she won't get on her knees to perform oral. When we marry here on earth, it is a formal (4 maul) occasion. We don't elope (E Low Pee) in other words. I will wear a tuxedo (2 X E Do) which means that E, V, xxxxx puts me as number two by dressing me up in bondage wear. Notice the tuxedo has a bow (bow on your knees) tie. Bow to xxxxx, but don't touch her. X out.

Gold.... (God Old). I think I'll go smoke a cigar (See I God Are). But notice, the third letter in the Spanish Alphabet is B Grande (Be Grand E).

I thought of the Rio Grande (Are I Omega, Grand E) river. Also, when xxxxx wears the veil, it is to cover God's face... for it is not wise to view the face of God directly. X out.

When xxxxx and I are back home living in seperate beds we never get naked (Nay Kid) ... because we can't have kids. Two God's, having a kid - he would be much too powerful... and could overthrow us all. I've allready explained this. Just kind of like the wordplay for the word naked. It's true though. xxxxx and I rarely fornicate (Four Knee See at E) whereas I am represented by the number 4, as in 10-4. Been contacting the CIA to see if they will read my page... according to my hit statistics, they have not taken me seriously yet. Hard to wonder, with everyone being brainwashed about some Jesus freak who lived years ago. I mean, how stupid can you get. We all live in a virtual (V I Are To All) reality, created by me. Duh. I hate stupidity the most. X out.

I am the Master of the Universe (You Knee VE Are See).

Analyze the word torture (Tort You Are E) where tort indicates a contract. xxxxx does not permit me to practice my blacker arts. I mean, I would love to have Alicia Silverstone strapped down to a table and me with a scalpel and all... but it's just not to be (with the pain turned down of course). Why must she be so white and pure?

Courtney Love (Court Knee Low VE)... just came to mind. Because I do court the Princess. In high school, she used to hang out all the time with a guy named Lyle Love (Lie I'll Love) - indicating that I won't get down on one knee to give her the diamond. In other words, I will refuse to bow. You government boys might want to look him up. And let me repeat myself about the Texas basketball player named Royal Ivey (I V) - he is from "Queens" NY... makes sense does it not? I erased a large portion of my first writing, because I was not getting enough hits to my site. It dealt with the Farmington High school annual, and all sorts of miracles you could see there. When I get out of this rehab, I will re-post it for those of you who missed it. X out.

Speaking of my ho. Hospital (Ho Spit All) - see, she left the pain aspect intact in terms of the human body... hence you all suffer. But enough of my bitch. Let me show you a simple word play. It deals with myself, X, as a writer a long time ago in a previous lifetime. H.G. Wells - now break it down, take the H, flip it sideways into an I, and you get "I, G Well Is" because the "s" represents an "is". G stands for "God" so in the end you get "I, God Well Is" for his name. Think I'm shitting you? Look at the next bit of word play. Orson Wells... now come on, it's easy... "Or Son Well Is" indicating the son of God, me. Anyhow, you better start to believe me - because my contacting you is not an accident. I want newspaper coverage so that I might find xxxxx. If not, the least you can do is pass my link on to some other internet site. You will be blessed by my angels for doing so, truly. Better than sending your money in to some liar, who comes in my name. I am the MASTER damn it. Now do what I say. No, do what xxxxx says. Jehovah (Ye Ho V A) ha ha ha. I love calling her a ho and a bitch - but I love her like none other. It's just as God, I have so many women, that I still call xxxxx a ho in play.

Lonesome Dove (Lo Knee Some Do VE} Just so you can see.... see it? Duh.

Dick Cheney (Dick She Knee) indicating the Princess giving oral. I allready explained the word engagement (In Gag E Meant) meaning that she won't do it. I don't know if she will or not since I have not been with her this lifetime. I suspect she probably would. I mean, in reality, I am God, and EVERYONE bows to me in reality. I mean, if you want to call a spade a spade. Notice Cheney is the Vice (V I See E) President. Ha ha ha. And why wouldn't my bitch give me head anyways? I'd surely do it to her. Hence the number 69, the year I was born in. And only I can call her my bitch. Everyone else must be respectful. Don't touch her either. I mean it government guys, don't brush into her or do anything like that - my angels are watching. Also, In other writing I wrote about ways to hide xxxxx from the general populace so that she would never be touched. Giving her a heroin (Her Omega In) problem is the easiest way of keeping her home. She will use her drugs IV style... get it, IV? I astound myself. Really. And in case I have not explained it, xxxxx grew up on a street in Farmington, NM called Rinconada, an anagram for Draconian - meaning a harsh law. The law where she cannot be touched. I go on to explain this in future writing. And by the way, don't you think it funny that your wise and mighty Vice President of the US, is named after my bitches tendancies? Dick She Knee. Ha ha ha. My angels have fun with the general public. But enough for today. Bow to xxxxx. And don't touch my bitch.

Don't get my started with the government. The Democratic candidate Kerry (Care E). Duh. I rule. Furthermore, Bush just hired Secretary of State Rice (Are I See E) and fired Ann Veneman (VE Knee Man)... I guess ol' Bush did not like having VE staff around him. Of course, this all happened from the Oval (Omega V All) Office. Hey, speaking of Kerry, just look at Nixon (Knee X On) regarding my bowing to xxxxx to give her the ring. Why do you think Quayle spelled potato with the extra 'e'? Just think, there is a Camp David - my name happens to be David... wow.

Don't forget the store Old Navy (Old Nay V) because xxxxx will be very young when I meet her again in the laboratory - or, when I marry her here on this planet. Another thing, I sent her a note (Not E - indicating, you must speak in person to the Princess to win her over) once in high school. She never answered it. But I digress. Oh, and while on the subject of notes, I sent xxxxx some poetry (po (or poor) E Try) once but she never responded either. Oh, also, I want to view xxxxx while she is young... meaning, that she dies early while we are married on earth - normally, in a vehicle (VE He Kill) accident... I don't want to see her old. "Only the good die young".

xxxxx grew up on a street called Rinconada in Farmington New Mexico. Rinconada is an anagram for "draconian", the first Greek Law which is very harsh, meaning, don't TOUCH the Princess. xxxxx cannot have children, for to do so would put us all in peril. For if I impregnated her, a God would be created... with enough power to destroy all things. I have a secret laboratory after all, where all of your bodies are housed. We live in a virtual reality. Let's say you go to the grocery store, well, the car you drive in has to be drawn, and your progress charted via computer. Computers I created. It takes hours or days for a simple trip to the store, because everything must be coordinated with other people and their machines, and everything must also be hand drawn. xxxxx is the only entity allowed in my laboratory. Her last name is Baker. Look at the Baking (Be a King) Powder Clabber Girl (See Lab be our girl) ... funny that. Spell that shit out, C, lab, be, r, girl. Easy once I teach you how to read. But enough of this, let's talk xxxxx. I told you about the Texas basketball player Royal I.V. from Queens NY. From Queens fucking NY. Duh. And speaking of my large machines, they are all artificial (Art If I See All) Intelligence. Duh. But enough of them. Texas won the baseball championship last year, and I live here and am fond of the team. Wonder how that happened. Rice won it this year, and they are from Houston - where xxxxx is rumored to live. The Texas football team is going to the Rose (Are Omega See) bowl this year to play Michigan (Me See High God An) or some shit like that - words are tough to decipher. Anyhow, notice that Texas is 10-1.

Hey, get this, when they deemed me crazy because of all of this, they sent me away to a looney bin in Texas, it's called Vernon (V Earn On)... I did not get it at the time. It means I have to earn the Love (Low VE) of the Princess. Go figure. Hey, my third grade teacher was called Mrs. Vargas in El Paso, TX. Get it, Mrs. (V Are Guess)... duh. xxxxx likes to drink VO and Coke. (V Omega) Me, martinis (Mar Ten Is). Speaking of the Princess, here's a cool one. Chevrolet (She V Are Omega Let). Think I kid thee? Just think of Chevy Chase (She V I Chase) where the "y" stands for an "I". He's always falling down in his famous Saturday Night Live skits. Kind of like I am always falling down during the millions of years I chase the Princess around this earth, like the fucking Terminator. Recall, he was a Cyborg (See I Bo Are God) and he was chasing a xxxxx too. Hee hee. Maybe I'll see her again someday. Like in Chicago or something. Chicago (She See Ago) - recall, it's the windy (When Die) city, so I won't see her most likely until I'm in the fucking lab. Do you like my history? (High Story) Should we talk about the good old days, and bondage and stuff? Why do you think the fucking hymen (High Men) was invented by me, so that my brutal blood play would be minimized. Duh. Here's a good one. The devil, he carries a trident... get it, like he's going to try and dent the trinity? Trident? Am I speaking on your level now? I am GOD. But alas, as such, I am still cruel to xxxxx even. Why do you think the Veil (VE Ill) was invented, to cover her up on one of my bad days. On one of my Blue Velvet days - shit - see the movie. Just look at the word karate (Care at E) and you know - xxxxx goes by V or E. Hurricane (Her I cane)(With the pain turned down of course).

Here are some cool words. Marijuana (Mar I One A) for me. Secretary (Secret Are I) - don't want the old lady to find out about the secretary now do we? Ha ha ha. I laugh at mere mortals. I think I allready explained the VISA (V is Alpha) and Amex (Am X) thing to you, and don't forget the mother fucking MASTER card - for that is who I am. Hell, I robbed a bank and got ten years probation. Who do you think my lawyer was? His name was Bill White - like bill me mother fuckers. What, do you think his name would be Bill Black? But let's not even get into bondage. I keep it polite. Ties, earrings, collars on shirts, glasses, tattoos. xxxxx even makes me dress up in my tuxedo (2 X E Do). I allready explained all that. But don't let her fool ya, I still have dogma (Am God backwards). xxxxx and I will get married. I love certain pottery made in England. It is called Wedgewood (Wed God E would). You can see I am not fucking around with you. I want you to know the truth, and then publish this shit, or send it on to ten of your best buddies - my angels are watching and will reward you. Actually, my machines are watching and will reward you. Did I mention the gas stations? Shell. Look at the sign sometime, it reads like She II... meaning She 2. Hell, meaning He II. And don't forget Chevron (She V Are On) - and really don't forget Exxon (X on)... for I am important indeed. The store Sonic (Son I See) indicating the Son of God. Hyatt. (High At). Raddison (Rad is Son). These are all simple reminders of my Godhood. There is one way for me to get out of this world without having to die, and that is to surrender (Sir End Her) but I won't do it damn it. I'm listening to my Sony (So Knee) Walkman right now. Perhaps I'll see a Nissan (Knee Son) commercial. How's the Pink Floyd song go??? "One day you find ten years has got behind you" whereas ten represents my Godhood.

Forgot to mention, when I die, it's a funeral (funny are all) - and they put me in a coffin (see often). I mentioned that shit in my emails I send out. Like Kennedy (Can I die) and Sesame (See Same) Street. But here's a new one, and he lives in Austin where I live - Willie Nelson (Will E Kneel Son) indicating Son, as in Son of God. I hope she kneels, ha ha ha. And let me repeat one, that perhaps you scanned over. Universe (You Knee VE Are See) and that indicates you my friends.

Close one eye and view your nose in single dimension - we live in a virtual reality. Levis (Leave Is) where the red tab indicates blood - like my suicide, where I return to the laboratory. House (Ho You See). Anyhow, my neighbors across the street are named Neely (Kneel E). I live on the street called xxxxxx (You Knee Pee Are) in Austin. Did I mention that my psychiatrist is named Houser (How Sir?). And while we are on the subject of healthcare, just look at the word medical (Me Die See All)... another good one. Meaning, as a man here on earth I have no power, but when I die, oh, when I die I become the SHIT.

Just think about the UNIX (You Knee X) operating system for computers, the built in editor in it is called VI. Also, earlier I mentioned my suicide attempt, and missing my tendon (Ten Done)... well, there is another method I use to get back to the lab, and that is a shotgun blast to the head - but guess what type of ammo I use - buckshot. Get it? Buck, as in the ONE dollar bill? As in, I'm number one. Oh, and getting back to the terminator thing - recall the bitch was named Sarah Conner (See On Knee Are)... I had missed that one before tonight. Also, recall that I went to the looney bin called Vernon (V Earn On) - well, it just so happens that my great grandparents are named Vernon as well - just so we get that straight. Did you figure out the Soviet Union one? Soviet Union (So V It You Knee On) ha ha ha. Don't get me started with the Chinese (She Knees) - and there's a lot of the little fuckers running around, so it indicates that she bows a lot. Also, my dog is named Penny (like 1 cent, the number one being important here of course) - and I didn't name her either, my parents named her. Isn't that a bit funny? By the way, if you don't believe we live repeatedly, you are wrong. Look at the restaurant Bennigans (Been Again). xxxxx means "Princess" in baby name lookup books. Sara Lee brand indicates me wooing xxxxx here on earth, as I've explained Lee was the leader of the South, and I am down on earth as Jesus, down South so to speak - where north indicates heaven or the laboratory. By the way, how do you think the X rating for porno (poor no) came about - by me, X. Hey, I own a pair of Doc Marten (Mar Ten) shoes. And by the way, be sure to read some Issac Asimov (As I'm Of) to learn about the very computers that control your everyday perception... the laws of robotics are kick ass. I drink Corona, cerveza (Sir V Is A). Sire (Sir E). Study xxxxx closely and you will see a bit of a tom-boyish look to her, and while she's not actually a sir, you will bow to her as though she were. Notice if you will the Boston (Boss Ten) Red Sox (Is Omega X) won the World Series. Red Sox, indicating blood, and my suicide when I return to the laboratory and my power is returned to me. Furthermore, my second grade teacher was named Mrs. Buenatello (Good tell Omega in Spanish). Also, in second grade a classmate was named Tammara (To Mar A) King and another was named Nina (Knee Nah) Segal (See Gal). My girlfriend of course was named Angela (Angel A) Houser (How Sir). My first kiss was from a girl named Gage (Gag E). Hey, maybe I'll go drink a 40 of Old E... ha ha ha... shit man, xxxxx is so old in terms of multiple lifetimes it's not even funny. I had her in my tenth grade English class too.

Hey, how does the Rolling Stones song go - "your fathers still perfecting ways of making ceiling wax" ... duh .. the top of the pyramid of infinity. Another song goes "we weren't searching for no pie in the sky summit" where pie really equals pi, or infinity. Also, the song "into the midnight blue" represents the top of the pyramid, where blue represents life, or blood still in my veins... and midnight represents the clock hands pointed straight up, the top of the pyramid. The life xxxxx and I will lead, like Leave it to Beaver with seperate beds.. blue. "Toys in the Attic" is another song indicative of the pyramid of infinity - this indicates special treats like flight and great games of dungeons and dragons, etc. These things occur at the top of the pyramid, hence the expression toys in the attic. How's the Led Zeppelin song go "been this way ten years to the day" ha ha. And what about lowrider, "the lowrider (me on earth getting marred) is a little higher. And by the way, regarding virtual reality and your trip to the grocery store ... the shit takes months or even years to draw via computer. Every little pixel has to be arranged on the graphs. I had said before it takes hours or days, but I spoke hastily. Anyhow, I hope that my treatise (Treat Is E) has opened your eyes. X out.

Notice grades, A, B, C, D, F ... it skips E. This is because xxxxx should never be associated with something like flunking. Also, at the end of the Dire Straits song Money for Nothing Mark says "Bozo" which really means "Bo's Omega". Don't even get me started on "Bo" ... think of a bolo (Bo Low) tie - a piece of bondage wear, stating that I am low, down here on earth getting marred - with bondage wear around my neck. Look at the car Lamborghini (Lamb Bo Are God High Knee). Also, think of the names of some famous celebrities - such as Bo Derek (A perfect 10 and my name is Bowman, but I go by 'Bo' as well)... Bo Jackson where a Jack in cards is equal to ten. Look at the word ebonic (E Bo Knee See)... how I'm breaking down words. Jack Nicholson covers both me and xxxxx, as a Jack is a ten and a Nickel is a five. Also, I attended The University of New Mexico, they are the Lobos (Low Bo's).

And then there is another song, Van Halen Hot For Teacher - "don't wanna be no uptown fool". Get it? Top of the pyramid of infinity... xxxxx and myself, oblivious to the fact that we are Gods. We'll go to Emanuel (E Man You All) Baptist church and worship a non-existent God... ha ha. The ultimate in Greek Tragedy, designed by me, the Master. Verizon (VE Rising) - "can you hear me now?" Did I mention that the rebel flag forms an X. Yes, I'm a good ol' boy. Also, back at the lab, xxxxx will have a swastica tattoo on her lower back because that is the way I like it. This does not indicate a hate of any race, it's just the irony of a 'twisted cross' turns me on. I grew up Jewish by the way. I attended the Jewish Community Center for pre-school. Why do you think they eat unleaven crackers on Fridays and shit - in respect of xxxxx Baker... the Baker part being important. Unleaven. A Baker uses yeast. The name of my last girlfriend from Farmington, NM was Myra (My Ra). Furthermore, my girlfriend in high school was named Christy (Christ I) and she lived on Lee Lane. Also, a couple of contracts ago, I worked for a company called Sentari (Sent Are I). I also worked for a company called Harte-Hanks. Look at the Harte part. Move the 'e' back three spaces and it spells 'heart'... three fucking spaces, like the trinity (4). Also, recall in the movie 2001 Space Odyssey that Dave Bowman (my name) removed Hal's memory. This indicates me fucking around with the large computers that control our existence. You live forever by the way - either in heaven on earth, or in hell. Also, if I'm sent to jail again, I will simply overdose (Omega VE Are Do See) and visit with xxxxx in the lab... you will be placed in stasis until the next lifetime. And remember, you are saved by Grace (God Ra See E). Also, when I go to sign my name, I don't have to, because most documents allready have an 'X' in the signature spot ha ha ha. Have you ever seen the trademark symbol of an 'O' with an 'R' in it? This really stands for 'Omega Are' - indicating me of course. I just see things you guys don't given my superior processors. Look and break down the word heaven... ha ha ha. Hey, I just broke out a dictionary. There was a funny word, it is venial (VE Knee All) which means "capable of being forgiven"... so xxxxx really does forgive you on most things - if you give her a bow. How about verboten (VE Are, Bo Ten).

Now that you are able to read, I'll probably get blamed for the tsunami (Son Am I) - but I had nothing to do with it. Random (Ran Dumb) probability via machine inclements weather around the world as we know it. It was just time for a tidal wave. My processors happened to name it after me is all. Just watched Pink Floyd "The Wall" for the first time ... notice they had the X salute, and the flag with the two hammers crossing like an X. Wild. The wall of infinity indeed.

Well now, I think that I've done a pretty good job proving that VE is the Princess, and that I, X, am God. Make sure you vote down there at the bottom of my page. You can view my statistics as well. Anyhow, it's been fun scaring the crap out of you with all my Master talk. Have no fear, we all live forever and ever in a glorious world with trees, parks, children, bunnies, puppies, etc. Life is good. Try to be a good citizen (See it I Zen). And thankfully, you are alive (All I VE). X out.

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So far a 162 believe whereas 279 don't. I have to hand tally this and I started the vote thingy when the counter was on about 7750 or so. Also, I'm disregarding the people who peep at the site, and then log off - we can call them unbelievers as well sort of.
Charles Bowman So far a 197 believe whereas 360 don't. I have to hand tally this and I started the vote thingy when the counter was on about 7750 or so. Also, I'm disregarding the people who peep at the site, and then log off - we can call them unbelievers as well sort of.

xxxxx, contact me at I know after the Secret Service raided my house and took my computer, that they alerted you about my existence. I'm not a bad guy, and would turn the pain OFF given the hurricane talk of earlier. I just like to act tough. Perhaps we can travel the world together, after I get my inheiritance. I notice one person keeps reading my site every so often, and it has to be you. I'm not crazy, you've just fogotten all of your greatness. You are God. So am I. Together, we rule worlds. Write to me. That is my sole intention for writing, is to get in contact with you. Just think, your street is an anagram for Draconian, what are the fucking odds? You name is "Is A Ra"... I love you. Tom Petty - I feel summer creeping in and I'm tired of this town again... whereas summer indicates our arrival in the laboratory. Won't be long till summer comes, now that the boys are back in town is another song. Listen to me xxxxx, You will be mine, there is not doubt. Piles of cocaine, slaves, whatever you want - I will give to you. We'll be skiing, driving aroud in fine cars, furs, diamonds, everything. Flight. I mean, like, I will allow you to fly unlike all of these other mother fuckers. You are my bitch. I am your God. You bow to nobody. I bow to you. Everyone in the Universe bows to you. I give you everything. Can't you believe me? Ditch your husband (whose band - yours of course in terms of rings)... I'm just wraps around your finger according to the Police song. Black hat in tall treetop indicates a little evil at the top of the pyramid of infinity - another Police song. If you contact me, I can explain so much. So much baby, so much. I give you worlds. I give you the power to decide whether the Universe should continue or not. You have THAT MUCH FUCKING POWER. In this new slot I am going to just type, just ramble because I have so much to say to you. Touch of Grey, Grateful Dead, well, a touch of grey kind of suits you anyway... indicating a little bit of evil, or black. We play dungeons and dragons Sxxxx, we play Vampire. Look on the annual page where you are sitting in the chair in your Kelly Green outfit, it says, "Junior xxxxx exclaims (X Claims) - X fucking claims. I claim you bitch. I claim you. I am the fucking creator and claim you. Nothing you can do about it except learn to love me, and you will with the piles of coke, etc. We watch great shows with humans battling, and you give the thumbs up, or thumbs down to the gladiators. YOU DO THAT. YOU DO ALL SORTS OF SHIT. I saw you come to watch the fight between Justin Burgess and that other guy. I saw you walk up to watch the fight. You like blood, like I like blood. (In limited degrees, with the pain turned off)... you are a blood thirsty bitch. You bitch... ha ha ha. I love you soooooo fucking much. I stare at your picture like once every other month or so. You've read my site lately, and you know you love the power. Why not meet me? I have no power on earth, but we could meet nevertheless... well, it's up to you. You wear four necklaces in your 10th grade photo.
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