deb ok ok
i give up
i'm tired of the game
this old and rugged
game of capture the flag
i'm tired of sitting in the dark
watching intently
waiting to see if you'll try to come
and snatch away the
blood red emblem
stuck upon a pole within the earth
only to see you sneaking
into someone else's camp.
i haven't tried to steal yours
though i've been tempted to
leap the barriors and confront you
just for fun...
just to see how easily
you would give up...
with a fight? without?
but i'm stuck here in these trenches
i dug with my fingernails
and filled up with my tears and sweat
my shoes are stuck
but i don't feel like moving
because i see you've won the game-
or perhaps that's only how it seems
because she handed hers over so peacefully-

it's not my heart you took home with you

maybe i just didn't see you give it back...
i don't know.
i only know i'm tired of this game
and i want to go home now.
but my feet are stuck
and here i watch this
faux war play on
about me
deb what's funny...
i seem to wave the white flag
one moment
and the next,
i see you peer around a tree
and smile
that little smile...

hide and go seek
now, is it?
Zoe ha ha ha. surrender your soul! he he he! actually i don't really mean it, i'm just in a crazy like mood at this very second. ahhhhh! surrender! 000717
birdmad doesn't mean much
doesn't mean anything at all

when every step i took in faith has betrayed me
Q Reference, in an earlier blathe today, to the feeling of power from holding a gun being "sexy" concerned me enough that I have thought a bit about sex and power.

I know that sex and power are mixed up with each other even in the best of situations - the most pleasant, pleasurable, mutually satisfying and satisfactory, and - dare it be said - loving. I have supposed though that sex and power are mixed up more like obligatory symbionts than dancing lovers.

Perhaps what distinguishes great sex from just sex is another element: surrender.

At first thought surrender would seem to be almost the antithesis of power. Yet surrender in good circumstances is a powerful act. It is decidedly feeling safe enough to trust and trusted enough to not contemplate exerting any unwelcome force.

C 2000
sarpedon I will take the chance
I will surrender my feelings
It will happen soon
Maybe within two weeks
It will get done
I will be honest
Enough of this indirectness
I will accept the pain
I will understand your response
I want to be honest
I know you will be too
Even if we don't agree
It will have clarified things
We will get over it
We still can be friends

But if we be true
I will not regret it
You will not regret my honesty

If we be true
It will be so sweet
I will have surrendered myself to you
And in doing so
Will have enabled you
To do the same
Sweet surrender
If we be true
KFOX No greater insult to Life exists than the surrendering of your possibilities. 010504
Dafremen I was gunna say "suicide" but I guess that pretty much surrenders all of your possibilities doesn't it?

I think wasting a beer is a pretty big insult too, maybe not the worst, but certainly right up there with the biggies.
Casey I surrendered to my feelings once. I told her that I liked her and she only looked at me with a disgusted look and walked away with her friends whispering to her. 010504
Shugarhi Hearts may be broken everyday but mine is never to be touched again.

Whenever I glance upon the beauty that you show, I contradict myself.

You have captured my heart, never to release it from your grasp.

I might as well surrender.
Aimee probably the scariest thing anyone can ever do is surrender themselves. To what? That's just a varying number of situations. It's terrifying to surrender yourself to someone else... to let down every barrier imaginable and leave yourself completely vulnerable to them. It's absolutely terrifying and exhilerating. 010921
bijou Mother told me yes she told me i'd meet girls like you
She also told me stay away, you never know what you'll catch
Just the other day i heard a soldier falling off
some indonesian junk that's going round

Mommy's alright, Daddy's alright, they just seem a little weird
Surrender, surrender,
but don't give yourself away

Father said your mother's right she's really up on things
Before we were married Mommy served the WACS in the Philippines
Now i had heard the WACS recruited old maids for the war
But mommy isn't one of those i've known her all these years

Mommy's alright, Daddy's alright, they just seem a little weird
Surrender, surrender but don't give yourself away

What ever happened to all this season's losers of the year
every time i got to thinking where'd they disappear
When i woke mom and dad are rolling on the couch
Rolling numbers, rock and rolling, got my Kiss records out

Mommy's alright Daddy's alright
they just seem a little weird
Surrender, surrender
but dont' give yourself away

[cheap trick]
coffee girl to surrender
God does not trap us in surrender to his leading
surrender is a voluntary act
though it is commanded to be done
the surrenderer must choose to obey
or by a forced struggle..and perhaps hurt
be convinced that surrender is
the only way out
the only way to real safety and freedom
me easier said than done...i'm learning to surrender though, to let go, to release, to not struggle against what God wants, to trust completely...but it's not easy...surely it takes less energy to let go, so why do we struggle so hard to struggle? "Life was never meant to be a struggle" or somesuch 030624
tortuous grasping for the edge
dragged off the cliff
each handhold i take pulls me two more back
i want to just give up
i just want to let go...
Kanchou live at the budokan 040115
.fallen oh WILL surrender to me and you will be lapping at my thighs in gratitude at every single turn... but please, that is right, I do use that word....please keep struggling...I WILL earn your submission 040115
Cuddlezz means never having to fight again. I always thought of surrendering as cowardicew, however after meeting you I now surrender to 040126
they only kill their Masters why does everything with you have to be so difficult? what about the names of actors and the dates of plays? can't anything be simple?

why are you making it so fucking hard?
Toxic_Kisses maybe she/he's testing how much your willing to do, willing to take, willing to give, what better way to measure that then by putting the bar impossibly high and then adjusting it once the results are in? or deseeding that you’re not worth it, that you just don't put in enough effort. *shrugz* I could be wrong though 040327
typo deciding 040327
love & hate I surrender from our first touch.
Those messages i received just excited me.
That you would even consider it.
I surrendered everything to you.
Now you hold back, and i am an open target.
Just waiting to finally get pushed over the edge.
Waiting till the day you say you hate me,
that there is no hope,
that i should give up and leave you alone.
Please surrender to me again as i do you.
puredream "The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story. It changes the relationship of two people much more strongly than even the final surrender; because this kiss already has within it that surrender."

Author: Emil Ludwig
kalani Surrender without relinquishing the whole of oneself is the trick.
So many fair weather soldiers,
So many summertime warriors,
But all fight so mightily until the rain comes.
Don't surrender until you've endured a couple of thunderstorms,
And can then see whose still fighting on.
z surrender dorothy! 040714
new just i surrender to you
my heart
my soul
my life
because we are now one
and i'm so happy that i think i want to cry
the fucking joy makes me want to explode
you amaze me
i want no more
i am happy
and i surrender to you
echo Flag upon the wind;
virgin white,
spattered red.
I hang myself upon this pole.

Weighing eyelids finally close.
Trembling heart and weakening breath find relief at last from their exhausting duties.
My hands have long prepared release
from all I've held so tightly
so blindly
so long...

And I let go.

At last, a tortured soul shall find
p e a c e
oldephebe there's soem real beautiful stuff on this page.
camille 051230
In_Bloom His words on a wing:

There is a challenge

For all of us

It is out there
At the limits of perception
Where understanding becomes madness
And lambs fall to the bee

You yearn to be close to it
But are forever caught spinning

Only to find that when you cease to struggle
It finds you

*is it any wonder I did?*
Twitch The start of something 190908
unhinged runes

a potent practice
Boingalawoingy Boingalawoingy 190918
unhinged her_seven_eyes see all
her hands hold all
her ears hear all

i give it all to her
i ask her for the hugs i need

i prostrate to the Mother Tara
what's it to you?
who go