smed Today i won a shiny new medal
And as I made my way to the stage
To collect my hard earned award
I realized something was amiss
And So I turned around and found
To my dismay that there was no one
in the audience.
Zoe all my sister ever wants to do is to win. i guess that is why winning doesn't mean very much to me. i like to win, but i know that whenever i play agianst my sister i'll loose. 000717
splinken vincere.

la partita della sinistra vincera?
splinken io vincevo.

ares winning
to win is to come first
to come first is to beat all others
to beat all others is to be the best
to be the best, one must first win
therefore everyone must first win in their own minds
and then they can take their winning out into the world
and they can all be the best
god when i was about 13, i won a free cassette tape in some candy-bar wrapper type of contest. i had my choice between journey, patti labelle, and.... was it falco? i can't remember.
being a stupid white-bread hillbilly, i was going to choose the journey album, but my mom insisted on the patti labelle.
Syrope cassette tapes? what are those? ;) hehe i feel old...i can barely remember those things! anyway...winning is what keeps me going. im too competitive for my own good i think. only...most people are like "wow you're so modest and not arrogant at all like I would think, judging by your achievements..." but the people that really know me think im stuck up and too hard on people who arent as successful. i dont tell just anyone how i feel, what happened in my day, or anything. when i honestly tell someone something about me its an awesome leap of trust.

so if i tell someone "yea i got the highest grade on the test in the class...i was so psyched, cuz it was really hard. so-n-so didn't do so good even though he spent the whole week bragging about how much better than everyone else he was gonna do. it made me laugh :) i really hate him. he thinks he's so special."
and i get chastized for feeling good about my accomplishment and for making fun of someone, it makes me think twice about sharing what i feel with them the next time. that wears on me after a while :( not having anyone to talk to because im so scared i'll sound stuck up...

see threatened
chiefnewo this time i'm playing to win
yes, that's right
this time i'm using the cheat codes

-- chiefnewo, formerly known as ares
hsgatincamail whatever it takes 040604
Yeeeeeeeeouch! Yeah? No "I" in team? Yeah? WELL GUESS WHAT ASSHOLE - THERE'S NO "TEAM" IN "WINNER". 061010
Jurisprudence I see something in you
There from first glance
And that you never looked at me until recent, didn't cloud my eyes
I simply distracted myself

Since you opened to me though
Touched me deeply and kindly
I want to see you win
Push Play Pull
Wrangle with me but hold on
I want to see you win
what's it to you?
who go