Syrope today my mother threatened to beat me if i didnt stop being so depressed. thanks, mom, for making me feel better. *puts on extra thick black eyeliner and glares at herself in the mirror* 020406
death my father grabbed me by my lappels and threatened to beath me up if i didnt get in the car, so i got in... 040722
no reason have you told anyone you trust?
if not, please do
puredream stupid me, feels threatened by her... 040723
Borealis see this belt? its cracked from use..

she was hit with it until she stopped crying..

and she wonders why she has so much trouble expressing her damn emotions..

come little dream boat..the night is almost here again..
spectre what have i to threaten with?

only echoed words

and open hands

open heart

a given choice

you follow and draw
chase out of curiosity
the dandelion across the field

chasing one
who only wishes solitude

and yet I undersigned the pull
having seen me here

(my mistake that - vacuums, hrph/)

but to fear ?

it is you who frightens
who reminds me
of times long and *best fortgotten
what's it to you?
who go