psyki lie. 000701
eruth be emo kids drink white milk
wear blue sweaters
black rimmed spectacles
take park walks
listen to mineral
gwyllynne twirling
out of control
unhinged it's just a lie

this whole reality is a trick
silentbob eruth be

none of the emo kids i know do any of those things.
You might as well say all punks wear ten foot spikes, dress in leather jackets and incite riots among society.
COLDandBLUEkitty awww..
chanaka are irritating 001204
... are nothing more than a nuisance. they leave you powerless...helpless...unarmed. you shouldn't let others know you have them. if you don't have them, more power to you. 010121
birdmad On a couple of occasions, Samantha accused me of playing with her emotions when in reality the opposite was true

built up higher each time before the big knockdown

and the worst part is the fact that if circumstance permitted...

i would let her do it again
NinNy Nu Nu the right side of de brain,
sparks off your emotional imagination,
whilst the left balances your sensitivity being your Logic.
I'm a bit lop sided,
but better that a being a boring sod.
. . 010526
amy circling emotions, run with rationalizations. and mocking oblivion. running in circles, and rationalizing your emotions. circle your rationalizations and run emotion. 010527
kerry he was going to suggest it, i knew, and so was i, but somehow when his words appeared on the computer screen my head got hot and began to swim.

his face pains me.
ellen cherry charles tonguetied 020106
rockstar emo - me :)
it's funny- what i am catagorized as (emo/emotional)i know nothing about, because i don't feel many emotions...
but i like the name anyway, emo...
phil It took me a long time to recover them, and they are the most useful guides I have ever found. I hope to never be without them again. 020201
phil unhinged...it is true reality is phony baloney for sure, but we're here aren't we? And believe me, it is a small distance, and well worth the exposure.
live with the destruction
KatieRose19 what is it that makes me feel as though I float above the city that is lit from within? 020217
robotboy i've been told i have none. but today i cried.

robots shed no tears.
Arwyn numb 020218
reitoei dont be sad. dont be happy. just be. and accept whatever may come. look at, analyze it and let it go. that is zen. do not catch the fish, just see it. emotions are a computational shortcut for our brains. we have an experience and we file it away under love or hate or pain or joy. and then something similar happens. and we look up the emotion. say we find joy, it must have been a good experience, ill do it again. sorrow=bad dont do that. i tried to be unfeeling and i succeeded, for a while. i just let the pain and joy and everything else wash over me. but maybe some emotions aren't so bad. its not zen, but maybe love isnt so bad after all 020219
Logan confused 020219
Billia the domain of a poet.
too dangerous for the ordinary type to screw up with mislabelings.

never "I love you" when you don't.
never "I hate" for I'm frustrated.
Never "I don't care" for insecurity.
never fake it.
Syrope colors. but you are ashamed of my canvas. i have not ruined it. it's pretty the way it is. fuck y o u 020622
LIL CHRIS At this time in my life I feel like I have no emotions and that if I did that they wouldn't matter. The people that I love have hurt me so many times that I just got use to the feeling and think nothing of my emotions of them. I just hold everything inside now. 020829
Rachelle sometimes i wonder
are we supposed to feel
is it just something atoms and cells create
to keep us busy
or is it something real
are we more than just elements
is there something far beyond
and ahead
sometimes i wonder
p2 i'd rather not
but i am weak
x fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fslkdjg;oasijg 030107
jester_www.disinfopedia.org Transfer (propaganda technique)
From Disinfopedia, the encyclopedia of propaganda.

"Transfer is a device by which the propagandist carries over the authority, sanction, and prestige of something we respect and revere to something he would have us accept," explained the now-defunct Institute for Propaganda Analysis in its 1938 analysis of this common rhetorical technique. "For example, most of us respect and revere our church and our nation. If the propagandist succeeds in getting church or nation to approve a campaign in behalf of some program, he thereby transfers its authority, sanction, and prestige to that program. Thus, we may accept something which otherwise we might reject.

"In the Transfer device, symbols are constantly used. The cross represents the Christian Church. The flag represents the nation. Cartoons like Uncle Sam represent a consensus of public opinion. Those symbols stir emotions . At their very sight, with the speed of light, is aroused the whole complex of feelings we have with respect to church or nation. A cartoonist, by having Uncle Sam disapprove a budget for unemployment relief, would have us feel that the whole United States disapproves relief costs. By drawing an Uncle Sam who approves the same budget, the cartoonist would have us feel that the American people approve it. Thus, the Transfer device is used both for and against causes and ideas."
megan tangled, twisted, understood
fireplaces crackles, the pillow beneath my head is so soft, but not as soft as the nibbling on my ear...
they say you have to have emotions to live, but i say you have to live to have emotions.
*Colleen* Sometimes I wonder if I am the only person around here who feels. If they are just hiding their emotions, then they do a great job, because my emotions rip me apart inside and out. Being hurt, being sad, being happy, being in love. I can be all of those things, but I cannot just be. I have to have those emotions, and I have to show them. Without them, what am I? Another one of mindless droids? 030422
shorlove ^Future la la laaaa of death in vegas? 030422
Josh How the hell can you love someone one minute and go behind thier back and talk things about them and how you felt when I didn't even know? I don't even know if this is right anymore....I've read what you've had to say...all I have to say is you fucked up this time......really bad 030518
pjork sqeak 030518
/anon i dont know how to grab them
they always elude understanding
FightBack Contradiction is the pattern here...
never stable
and never will be
but al last
thats what makes anything worh trying
unless there isnt an emotion toward it
and YES they can be learned
shorlove masks, cunts and dicks, y'know... 030618
xXShadow_GoddessXx Emotions...all sign of humanity...fallen before me...
fallen deep down out of my existance...
shadowed, locked away, until I can see the light once more and breathe its purity...
My emotions, all gone, except for pain, suffering, guilt, and regrets filled with sorrow...
ashmanzhou emotions make me break me
they are me but forever try to tear me
to themselves and i have forsaken me
and when they torture me
rage hate anger despair
the glint of fury in the edge of a knife
i pull myself down to spiral in cold embrace
i cant tear them rend them
rip them away from me
they are a part of me
vital integral
lock them in words to lie inert
to see if in my dreams i can free
myself and my fate from the dust
and dirt and ash and muck and slime
its time to revealthem to me
in ugly glory
and show the point of the knife
to where my emotion all reside
inside my veins to spurt fuming forth
forever seperate from me
Anistoric Rogue. Confuse me incredibly badly. Something good will happen and even though you'd expect me to be happy, there are always the bad ones at the back of my mind, threatening to come get me. 030812
the creator/bracecell love hate pretty confused excited sad happy depressed.

I know some words that we call emotions
Death of a Rose rip them from me 031127
Lemon_Soda The differance between us and computers. 031127
ambermoon I much rather have none.they get it the way. they rip your hart out and leave you for dead.emotions are delicate and strong they can send you soaring or drop you to the floor. 040108
hurt_consumer !*~Tainted but Pure~*!
oldephebe just do a general study of hypnosis to see how CRAVEN master's of manipulation from mommies, to politicians, popculture, consumerism, boyfriends, girlfriends..peers..(corrupt)charismatic types...push buttons and then pull the leash...sometimes there are just these virtuosic subtleties of subterfuge...excavations of our will..those are the ones ya gotta train yourself to see..from the first move..see two or three moves ahead and then yeah you'll be okay...not as crestfallen or played or emotionally wounded..cause you'll know the nature, the dynamics of the game...
pansy Why am I so shallow
why can’t I look into your soul
teach me love
teach me perceiving mew world of emotions
teach me - disabled - to feel
it’s my last chance. Help me.
pansy Why am I so shallow
why can’t I look into your soul
teach me love
teach me perceiving new world of emotions
teach me - disabled - to feel
it’s my last chance. Help me.
Lost_consumer of Now My emotionz are Gone realli i mean im so like "Used" to being fucken around wit & ditched it's almost like im *~Numb*~ but I'm ok wit it..... Yeh Rite*~* 040129
A.V. Dear Ralph!
Believe me,the snake will either disappear one day......
or it'll become your friend somehow!

Thank you for beeing there......
You make me feel again!
Antje xxx
r. Antje,
the snake will never be my friend. can´t live with it; need to defeat it.

thank you for being what you are.
emotions is what this is all about.
and you´re one of my strongest emotions.
r. in fact...

my emotions for you are almost stronger than my wish to defeat the beast
A.V. Maybe it doesn't need to be defeated...
Maybe you can make it disappear by showing your emotions.....

more and more....

But if that doesn't make any sense - there are two now the beast has to fight against.I'll be at your side...

if you let me
r. you are there by my side already...
giving me more than I ever could have asked for.

that´s why I love you
A.V. My Thoughts Seek You

You are the rarest soul I ever knew... My thoughts seek you as waves that seek the shore. And when I think of you I am at rest.

(Sara Teasdale)
A.V. You landed in my life
Like a new and brighter light
That made all my past seem in shadow
I always used to believe
That beauty was skindeep
But I need a new word to describe you

(Marillion.......No one can)
...AntiqueClocks... Are annoying.... 040313
a girl like me i have too many emotions for anything to be clear any longer. 040502
falling_alone i always read this word wrong 040503
hate love pain torture agony happyness exitedness heart racing mind exploding love hate death want need kill murder slaughter hate 041011
phil I have quality of life
I can't believe how much I've lost
dumped into these writings
and where do I see what I've won
where is it appreciated
how does it amount to anything more serious?
is this the final destination of wasted hours in literary form
I hate my life
I hate my own life
I hate myself for excepting this
I hate myself for finding work
for getting paid
for affording to eat to sleep to work
valen i have felt no emotions since you left. but hate. 050409
*Amy* uuffff.....should have felt something being with him, but I still remember you and that`s too strong...I don`t feel anything without you by my side 050410
tyler g i wish i could feel them 050420
misstree i wish i couldn't.
or at least that i could control them.
phil do I need to spend time proving my emotions are real?
spending time proving my emotions are real
spending time
my emotions
are real, are they real?
are my emotions real?
Do they count, do they change, do I understand them, should I let them out of their cage, what will happen?
Happen, it sounds like something needs to "happen" and that sounds bad.
I don't think I can let them out anymore. I think someone told me not to let them out. Over and over again.
Lots of people, tell me what emotions I should have. Tell me how the emotions work, things they don't know. They can't understand. General stupidity is accepted fact.
I think in general you are dumb. Most of the things you think are wrong and therefore everything you do is fucked up and is only working against you.
I think hesitation is absurd. Why take a second look at anything you decide to do if everything is absurd and wrong already?
Actions, emotions, draining, releasing, correcting, challenging, erasing.
I hate the way they did this to me. I hate their occupation.
If we all agree, certainly. Why can't people see?
I bet we fell the same way, and if we did something about it, everyone would just agree.
How do I feel, angry, what for, no soul, money, the words they taught and hypocricy. Swindlers, smotherers. Killers dealers coexisting, impossible to be unless we turn a blind eye, 100s see everyday. Why lie to everyone if that's what you believe, maybe you lie because deep down you know it's wrong.
I feel angry about how everyone is wrapped so tightly to their vehicles. Wrapped up in their career. To wrapped up to see that someone is looking for them to do something that feel real. That feels right na dgood, and long ago didn't I decide not to show the world what I'd grown, I tried hard not to change. I was afraid of the consequences when I shouldn't have been, I shouldn't have given them control over my future, their stupid rules, the training I wish it had never affected me. I wish now I had seen that no one was with me.
The rational is getting harder to see now. The reason for bringing reason, the method and foresight are slowly fading from memory. I must forget and remember everything I lost, let that guide me, under cover, clever, I trust myself and I trust my earliest desires. I will go back and answer that kids wishes. Give him what he asked for.
whitney i git so ee-motional baby, everytime i think of you. 051130
nightninja keep me searching for ways to kindness and honesty 060717
░ ░░░░░░ ░ ░░░░░░ 101005
Twitch Twitch 151104
unhinged tinder says i'm not allowed to have these about people i date anymore. at all. not even a little. that makes me an obsessive psycho, a chaser, too serious.

i'm too serious for tinder. somehow, this doesn't upset me.

what does upset me the fact that people think it is cool to treat others like a commodity
what's it to you?
who go