edenmoon Pre-occupation
ever present
lingering near
embedded with in my heart
what is this you've done to me~

Electrical energies
coursing currents
vibrating into infinities

Words of color

As my feelings for you
pete when you can find what you look for at the bottom of everything 030503
x you betcha 030503
your plague. clouded in idee fixe. 030602
nomatter I really love this word.
I love using it.
Obsession (the title of the new josh hartnett movie)
a thimble in time When I'm depressed I think about what's wrong with the world. When I'm manic I find ways to fix it.
Thus the two polarities form an accord, and the world keeps on spinning.
naive artist Me, when i need to do something, but don't know what it is. I feel like Claudius; my mind goes in two directions, leaving my body to do nothing, powerless. 040617
apocalynx oh you imbalances, how long have you been around? i don't want you runnin through my door no more. sick of courting with the nights staring at the dark, listening to dozens of voices at once all perspectives considered, paralyzed. what're you looking at what're you doing right now where are you, is this good enough not good never ever ever, perfection what's the symptoms can i ever, ever, ever. until i fall asleep, and dreams anti-obsess and provide a nice escape, no stomach pain here 041224
TK And of course saying I should be less obsessive about him that ~ObviouslY~ means I should check his FB page 5 times with in the last two hours to see if he's awake.

UGH *Rolls eyes at herself*

Seriously, he stayed up past midnight watching mid 1980's toons, he's most likely still asleep, which is exactly what I should be doing right now.

I really need to stop doing this bc yea, apparently my definition of being "Less Obsessive" in all actuality means to become even more so, guh so I suck at this.

I'll get this under control; You know -eventually-

For now though I think I'll just unplug the comp bc my willpower is acting stupidly...

Ugh obsession is embarrassing, but I've been told the perfume smells nice.
Toxic_Kisses I'm quitting this
Cold Turkey

Yes I'll still think of him, that can't be helped. But this stalking him, spying on him, what I just continue doing this until... well until what/when precisely?

Whats the end game here? Whats the point?

And I suppose that is indeed the point isn't it, this is pointless...

He's happy, and I'm happy for him.

It's time to finely truly let go.

My Best Friends Wedding


George Downes: Michael's chasing Kimmy?

Julianne Potter: Yes!

George Downes: You're chasing Michael?

Julianne Potter: YES!

George Downes: Who's chasing you... nobody, get it? There's your answer. It's Kimmy.

unhinged two_months_later not much has changed other than:

i am slowly used to my life without you again

i still think the 48 should take me to you every time i see it, the one that heads in your direction, loyal heights. hows that for dramatic_irony ?

part of me hopes you are happy now, part of me does not. part of me wants to tell you i_miss_you , part of me does not.

all of me knows i am only obsessed over you because i am lonely.

'i only stick with you because there are no others' all_i_need radiohead
what's it to you?
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