mareberry i felt my heart fall limp
the moment we parted
and every day since then
has been a battle to drag my
half-alive, half empty
from here to there.
the Battle grows more and more
every minute,
every hour.
i feel like i’m losing.

and i hear your voice every night
and sometimes
for one second
i forget how far apart we are
and i can move *both* my hands.
but then i remember
and i’m caught in the still frame
of a moment of joy
amidst my agony.
j_blue by my own philosophy 011120
User24 once you realise that everything os nothing, and nothing is everything, it's hard to keep focus. 030701
apocalynx makes sense, no focus, one blurred picture black plus white makes grey. all perspectives considered, i'm miles above the fence, or is it miles below, on a perfect line anyway just heightened with too much information, too many voices, and thus no decision, just apathy and a rapid heartbeat. you are not here, you are with many other boys bots, oh she comes to me and comforts me with scratches and broken veins, can i move from this futon. 041224
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