Shar common, or ESP?

Sometimes I don't think I have either.
Joana. There's just no sense to this...
The way I've let myself get in this stupid situation...
God... I feel so weak... so very useless...
Why couldn't I just ignore them like I do with everyone else? Why did I try to be sociable and human?
Being human is not good for us because it's just not what we are. People aren't human in any way. We're all animals and as the years pass we realise that the best way to survive is to act just like animals and be as defensive and cold as we can be.
So... why can't I just accept this?
I'll have to face them tomorrow and I fear I'll be harshly confronted by them.... hostility inebriating the air. Oh... god... it will be just... lovely.
camille 000209
Brad I think that i have a pretty good sense that my name is Brad. My other 5 senses are smell, taste, hearing, touch, and sight. buh bye 000308
unique butterfly something in the air. its uncanny. you feel cold. loneliness. it surrounds you. deep feelings of a land unknown. its coming! its coming! HELP! 001115
The Truth .......777 7 777.......
Love is the Seventh Sense.
.......777 7 777.......
. . . 7 . . .
lars trier see seven sevens saying sorry saying silly singing savior 010516
reitoei taste touch my hand smell me see me hear me laugh. eyes burning in the back of your head. FEAR. do you have a sense? think sense the nuerons 011020
shay have the sense to speak your mind, release your thoughts, tell me what you're thinking, please. I could help you, if you have the sense. 020905
di luce I can feel her thoughts. Like a bright aura I can see her moods and feelings radiating from her body. I know when she's in the room, kind of like you know there's a TV on in the house somewhere. My brain waves are tuned to her presence. It's a warm feeling. It's a good feeling. 030206
Dr. No you are such liars aren't you, is it automatic?

An automatic liar, like automatic writing of sorts.

I don't think I'll come around here anymore because I feel like you think I am nothing and I disagree. I only say I'm worthless 'cause I know it's what you already believe of me.

I'm just being what you expect.
Nothing more, nothing less.

I hallucinated that I was in a cave once in Afghanastan and I seen the face of the hated one and I knew he had something to tell me.

I did listen as carefully as I could for the alloted space of time we had. I can't discuss it further because everyone is too judgemental and some of us just don't like it.

Nevertheless, we've stopped making sense.
Samurai Jack Do not trust what you know if you can sense what is real. 040104
comforting lie Five to offer, five to receive.
Some are withheld, considered obscene.
Look at me now; you can see just a shell,
Customized by life but still just a shell.
Smell me and smell my world, all around,
Changed by life but still not profound.
Hear me and hear what I want you to know,
Censored by fear which I’ll never show.
Touch me and feel not my life time of scars,
But a genetic form conforming to bars.
Taste me and this is an untouched, true expression, I’m free.
Read as you will but there, that, is me.
skp the better you try to make sense, the harder you speak nonsense 050612
nom do i make any sense 061221
brown 1.




That’s 6 ?

(that’s no good for me i need two more)

I can try to get money for deaf children.. but Iwould prefer to put my energy i to something I believe needs more attention... there is a lot of support in this country.. for deaf people when you compare it to Africa for example. I'm unsure if i can drag money out of people if my heart is desperate for something else... we can make a bigger difference towards poverty.... deaf people only struggle because we name them and treat them like outsiders, when i'm sure they are quite peaceful within themselves.

I can't do something unless my heart is full in it.. I'm not sure if I'm going to be so convincing.. I just find it a bit tunnel vision when you look at the world as a whole, a desperate whole...

I wish they would have let me channel my energy into a charity I believe in.

I'm scratching and scraping for money when I could be doing bigger and better things... if I had a chance to make a bigger difference in the world I would ... but I can't it's catch 22 again... i'm boxed up and put in a corner.

I think you can have a very close relationship with your child even if they can't hear.. there are other ways to communicate??? Love is mostly what any child needs and you can show that in many ways. I know it can't be easy either but surely it is the National Health that should be more supportive then if it is so necessary?

Maybe not but - i know that in India... if you don't have enough money for medicine or for surgery... you basically die.

That is why their community is so close. They rely very much on their neighbors when in desperate need (but not everyone can help each other when they are all in the same situationthe poor castes that is, the rich in India are generally quite snobby – probably the richest people in the worldthe most jemed-up)

I would prefer to channel my time and energy on people dieing from lack of food or water than giving more help to a deaf person in a privileged country... if there were no fences in this world, no prejudice either maybe we would get our priorities right... sort out the vital stuff first.

It’s testing.

I can’t hear anything, I’m an orphan, both my parents have died from aids, there’s no food or clean drinking water, if I had a British passport things would be so much betterI would have shelter and food and maybe someone would even look after me.”

Where is the fairness in that? that small child with nothing to live for but hope.

Come on! it’s common fucking sense… help the deaf people that have fucking nothing not even a plate !

It’s logicaland if I didn’t have effing emotions I wouldn’t bother spending my time writing this.
Shinnokxz making sense of lot's of words... 080306
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