Dr Von A sickening disease
A disease that attacks
A disease that corrodes
A disease that creeps
But the knowledge is out there
The realisation
The truth

Why are you still dying?
hedwig.child AZT break.

me. you. me. mimi.

i should tell you i'm disaster, i forget how to begin it...
j_blue azt is a trip

protease inhibitors are a trip

antivirals are a trip

there has never been a cure to a viral infection

is this true?
phil even my aids aids have aids 030513
newme was the global aids epidemic
caused by scientists?

-talks about a possible link to the development of the polio vaccine in the Belgian Congo.

...i watched this doc three times last week.
mon uow a_closer_walk 050305
andru235 at the funeral of a young gay man from wyoming

whom was beaten to a dead pulp for being gay

several anti-gay protesters showed up with signs, including 'aids cures fags'

he didn't die of aids : but thanks to them i now have a great way of illustrating that hate is blind, and mindless - literally

several of the said protesters were from out of state; the government of wyoming requested that these protesters never return to wyoming although of course it would be perfectly legal for them to return if they like, which is fine,

but it also goes to show that rural states (like wyoming) can be just as broad-minded and cosmopolitan as the big-city-states, who think they have a corner on the market

i don't desire vengeance, i desire transcendence: Matthew Shephard, i hope somewhere out there in existence you are being treated like a prince (or, if you prefer, princess)
andru235 ooops! more to that...

also one sees that this bias still taints some of the extreme-right-wing's understanding of aids...

i have been to africa and 99% of the people suffering from aids there are not gay

but even if they were gay, would it not be tragic? if someone slipped on the ice in front of you, and then you saw that they were not wearing proper boots, would you refuse to help them back up? what kind of thinking is this?!?!?!?!?!?!? it is one thing to not help them because you are callous; it is another to call oneself compassionate and then not offer a hand.

one of the pharmaceutical giants refused to sell discounted aids medicines to various african states, BUT THEN WAS MORE THAN HAPPY TO SELL THEM DISCOUNTED VIAGRA (viagra is more likely to get repeat business, and thus eventually make more money)

these are some of the minds that are leading your planet

this is what capitalism nets as a social profit

beware the false prophets
beware the false profits

and if it was developed by scientists, accidental or not, ... see 'nescience'
its nice to update once in a while :) This is an uberlink to the World Health Organization's "3 by 5 Initiative"

A quick summary for those of you not in the mood to explore:

"3 by 5is the global TARGET to provide three million people living with HIV/AIDS in low- and middle-income countries with life-prolonging antiretroviral treatment (ART) by the end of 2005. It is a step towards the GOAL of making universal access of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment accessible for all who need them as a human right.
To be. one time-- it was one time too many. one night-- it was one night soon.
mother needs-- to know why.
mother cries-- it's much too late.
I sigh-- is this happening?
I die-- for no reason.

use protection
what's it to you?
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