silentbob to
search, examine, look, seize, absorb
reue theres not much left to do. all the easy stuff has already been done. the world has been explored and mapped. sure theres the oceans, but its different. you can't just leave your house one day and walk, explore the lands... you, well, would die in the water ya know ;)
then theres space 'n stuff... ya, its awesome... its so huge and vast. so much to explore. but still, no walkie da space without da air n stuff.
just feel sometimes like exploring something new, undiscovered to everyone.
Talula_Rouge Explore
subtle roaming and soothing
your fingers incredible
your palm warm
your breath in toxicating
you, divine, sensuous, tender, delicious in your sweet chocolate maleness.
Explore me
roam over me
touch me
sooth me
knead me
hold me
make love to me in passionate thrusts
explore my curves
explore my valleys
explore me, my soul, my dreams, my heart
explore the essence
tender lover, gentle king, proud knight, Black knight, African wonder
explore my precious, woman things.
what's it to you?
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