vicious my
old hick It's a cliche that only dead people don't have any problems. But maybe a quick route to contentment would be to kill your self. Or at least your sense of it... 000121
power through passion In moments of weakness, I wish that people of violence would just all die.

But that would be rather hypocritical, wouldn't it?
Tal not to be, dreamless sleep
escape that you can't keep
Barrett Die, Die, Die my darling. 001106
g. danzig ...(incoherent mumbling)... 001106
camille final rest 001106
fairydust it plagued me for so long. my head wanted to die, to shrivel and decompose. Why did my body keep working? why did i still keep waking up every morning? 001107
klairchen die Katze ist unter dem Tisch. 001107
Barrett "You"re all gonna dyyyyye!"
(old man from Poltergeist)
marissa once my spirit died. i spent months listening to "never is a promise" by fiona apple. 001111
Meg When you are willing to die no one can make you do anything any more. 001123
cazzi i think my spirit died 001227
*Colleen* *sigh* Death... The one true mystery 010121
*Colleen* Please do not begin to pretend you know what death is like. You think it will solve your problems? Well, I honestly dont think that its THAT easy. 010121
Uriah A comer of the new world.
Watch the scarlet flags unfurl.
Black boots, and fascist suits.
Party line spitting political brutes.
But what do you care?
You play your video games.
Watch MTV and kill your brains.
WWF methadone, piped into the veins
of every american home.
When it does come will you even know?
Cuz for me it's here, time to overthrow.
MexPanther Death is probably something everyone's afraid of, only they are afraid to admit it 010325
Tim!!! the ultimate high.
so high that you can only do it once...
rebecca ive been watching you with her looking thinking comprehending wishing she would die or at least do something truly despicable so that you would hate her forever. but naturally in your eyes she is perfect and i am not even there though i feel the aftershocks of your trials and triumphs and tears through the film of my invisibility. if you let me come closer i could hold you. 010510
melvinwang it's easy 010515
Aimee Some people just need to die. Not the old people who are in the slow process of dying. I mean the people who just piss you off daily, and complicate your life. They just need to die! I can't handle all of them all of the time. I had a sword fight with one of them today and I honestly wished the sword was sharp. It's only for the good of humanity 010515
kijima the best thing a female can do 010816
sage girl something i never want to do 010925
sherri i cried yesterday
i cried today
i want to die tonight
so i wont cry tomorrow
birdmad die hand die verletzt
die hand die heilt
Emel - "Kat" ::a little::
sometimes i see through your eyes
at times i feel you near.
when i see you walk away,
sometimes i hurt a little.

my thoughts are countless stars
scattered in a dreamy night,
within i find reasons to regret...
reasons to forget,
so i cry a little.

i know you eyes possess my tears,
my breath entwined with yours -
out souls intermingle carelessly...
that's when i die a little.
sphinxradio it's coming on winter again

you can see it in their eyes
ClairE You know how when something cataclysmic happens, you think that you feel like you are dying? Do you think it really feels like that to die? Or does it just feel like that to lose someone? Isn't having something else die almost the opposite of dying yourself? 020116
David Tomorrow you will be acting this play all on your own. 020207
the chinaman is not the issue Die Bart Die (it's German) 020305
Shhiva "the death smiles to us all, and the best thing we can do is give her a smile too... 020310
eXeSs 1981-20XX Correct me if i'm wrong...
But there'S what I hate
Everything always come
But too much time too late
speed queen so the fly crashes in the windscreen
but it isn't so bad, at least if you can die you know you must have been alive;
phil Why is every buddy so depressed all of a sudden, are we gonna play? 020323
creep no one here knows what its like to die. all those that have died would be-my-vicitims! tourtured, and murded. raped, and strangled! Pissing in thier forced open mouths till they vomit! Shit in thier mouths, all over thier face. Diahreah all over them. Stench filling the room. Beating in thier face with a hammer, fucking thier pussy with a knife, slaughter the whore, fuck her sister, kill her pet tourtus. I kill fucking slut bitches!! Grad her pussy lips, YANK them appart, tear her reproductive organs in half!!! fist her till you grab her stomach! YANK THAT FUCKING SHIT OUT!!! 020329
Liz right now I really seek death... I just wanna die... 021003
... Who? Me? Death is a funny word.. 021014
Kristopher "Well, the best thing you could ever do is die."

-- Brad Majors and Farley Flavors, "Shock Treatment"
MDogMA Once upon a time I thought myself immortal, Then just when i learn of death i realise myself in danger, to deal with this I wish myself immortal again, when this doesn't work, I try to find the fountain of life, when they tell me it doesn't exist, I try to build it, and as i'm dying in this pursuit all I wish and work for is just a simple 5 more minutes. 030116
blown cherry I can't believe this wasn't obvious, or perhaps it just hadn't been given any thought.

It's the absolute most fundamental thing about me.
There is nothing greater than love.
For all the highest forms of expression in the world, what are they all without passion as the driving force behind them. Passion and love create beauty, and if something happens to be beautiful by accident, then it still is not without passion because surely something within the beholder must be stirred to find the beauty in this freak.

Passion and love may not always be centred about a person,
I guess in my case however, that particular attribute is my gift/curse.
It is not an intentional thing to put so much of myself into one aspect of my life,
but I couldn't be without it.
I'd break apart if I tried to be anything else. You've seen it.

So yes I would die for love.
For lack of it.
For want of it.
For receipt of it.
For the unbearable joy of togetherness.
For submitting my emotion to the stars while my body passes on.

For you.
sXkit10 this weekend I almost died. i woke up really hungry and had some fishsticks and started to feel really bad, so I took two aspirin for my headache and some pepto bismol for my upset stomache. i lied down for a while which calmed my stomach and then went to the store with my friend thinking that I was better. on the way home, i blacked out, apparently started convulsing while I was unconcious (I don't remember) and then vomited all over myself, my friends car, and the street, in that order. I got in the shower to wash off when I got home, but had to get out b/c I was lightheaded. On the way to my room to lay down, I knocked over the shower curtain and the next thing I remember, I'm waking up naked in the floor of the hallway. I had blacked out again. I asked my friend to take me to the emergency room. when I got there, i asked to sit down while I was giving the nurse my information and so he got me a wheelchair. I started to feel dizzy and nauseous, so I asked him to take me to the bathroom. I blacked out again. the next thing I knew, i was covered in vomit being wheeled up beside a hospital bed and the nurse guy sounds worried, saying I had started to sieze and the vomiting seemed to bring me out of it. It turns out I was severely dehydrated. they put 2 liters of saline into me via IV and finally let me go once they had determined I hadn't been doing drugs and my blood pressure was back to normal. needless to say, i drink 5 or more glasses of water a day now. 030320
minnesota_chris mmmm, fish sticks 030320
Boymansonbowie That night at the fair, you made me cry. You tore me down and busted me into thousands of pieces. You pushed me away. I guess I secretly hoped that we would patch things up, even though I was really pissed off at you. I had no idea that between the last year's fair and this one you would take your life. How could you just quit on me? Just put the gun against your head, and pull the trigger? How could you just die? What were you thinking, why didn't you call me? I would've talked to you. Just because we broke up didn't mean I didn't still love you. Love never goes away. It changes, but it doesn't go away. I wish I could've saved you. If I had only known. I would never have let you die. 030630
MeSsIaH Fuck You And GOD Said Fuck You To 030729
Sarah why dont you make us all happy and go die? 030817
shoccolo please never do, little heart 030817
Zero Death, is not a biological necessity. It is in love with life, a jealous pocessive love. So it hangs around, grabbing at whatever it can. 030920
beatific Death won't change it's plans of coming. So why should we? 031011
ferret just fucking die. all of you. i hate you all. i wish i were the only one left. so i could be alone in peace. and know that there was no fucking chance of me ever being happy. so i could rest in peace. FUCK it 031011
nomatter i wish someone would murder me
so they cant call me selfish
a girl with nothing to say something i wanted to do last week i tried to slit my wrists then as i saw the blood i started to think of all the people i love in my life and all of the people that would miss me 031017
Death of a Rose I still have the scars. 031017
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl I tried to kill my pain
But only brought more
I lay dying
And im pouring
Crimson regret and betrayal
Im dying
And screaming
Am I too lost to be saved?
Am I too lost?

My wounds cry for the grave
My soul cries for deliverance
Will I be denied?
my suicide.....

I dont want the pain any more.
Roxie Havok Dying will be the most intimately beautiful thing you will ever experience. 040105
walter as i kill the dead slaves, the external brain gets eaten by the moms. The deadery dead kill is killed. I inject my brain with the remaining juices and i eat the body. 040218
chemical i wish. 040219
eggnog This world is consideratly killing me....... 040423
other than "I feel no pain dear mother now,
But oh, I am so dry!
O take me to a brewery,
And leave me there to die."
Skitzo Voice wouldn't you love to do this 040620
Andypandy when childeren like to eat cheese, the what i call a really big sausage 040621
Andy Pandy Die piggy piggy die die 040621
WALTER As the leaking, the empting, sounds far into space;
Death engulfs the grueling slur of darknesses.
As a flower it gave beauty,
As a rock, patience
As a mind, death.
But now sleepiness orbits this hovering,
Spinning being.
Yet even as its soul dies in its chaos
The beating hearts of forgotten ghosts in my mind;
Swirling, diving, screaming into the darkness of OUR soul; they intertwine their thoughts with it. Our minds unite, spewing Black Death across the barren wastelands of the dying suffrage in which we embody.
Twirling the wheels of the world which is implanted in our brain,
In all brains,
Makes him yearn for the mandibles of death in which evil is engulfing, and one’s pain is his only companion.
Ahh, pain. He’s acquaintance with it was more than he knew
Lives ago, millennia upon eons upon the very fabric of time itself, when pain was not an abysmal depressant of everyday life,
or should he say death?
He laughs, driving me on like a hell hound of agony. For I, too, am accustomed to pain. Hunting, killing, feasting pain.
Satisfied with his torture, he eases up and releases me.
Without a sound, they vanish into the pools of life and misery.
Left alone
We begin our metamorphosis.
This shell, old and forgotten, must continue to force us to rot.
As the Day of Reckoning slowly approaches,
He knows of his time.
Knifes, and
Carving, slicing, chopping
In the skin of falsehood, writing lines of loathing of his skin in red ink.
Muscles relaxing
Breathe leaving
A time to leave this world behind,
The Death of a Partial Mind
dying with a smile i want to die. i can't deal wtih pain. i've dealt with pain for too long now. i tried to stick it out. i thought i could deal with it, i'm a runner, i thought i could deal with any amount of pain given too me and this pain is so close to physical it must be bearable. but its not physical and it eats me. but i won't kill myself. i'll die dooner or later, one way or another, fair or not fair, happy or sad.

why put in the effort to kill myself when time will do it for me?
dying with a smile i want to die. i can't deal wtih pain. i've dealt with pain for too long now. i tried to stick it out. i thought i could deal with it, i'm a runner, i thought i could deal with any amount of pain given too me and this pain is so close to physical it must be bearable. but its not physical and it eats me. but i won't kill myself. i'll die dooner or later, one way or another, fair or not fair, happy or sad.

why put in the effort to kill myself when time will do it for me?
unevolved i am sick of dealing with the pain of life. the loosing, hating, loving, sorrow and every other emotion that comes with it. i cant ever get what i want because i have an infatuation for things i cant have, mostly females. i am attracted to any girl that will show me the least bit of attention and i cant handle it so i push them away. i drive them away with hate. telling them of my hate for the world and how hard i am when really i am just another soul in pain. i feel just like anyone else and i hate it. i dont want to deal with it anymore. when will it end? why cant the end be now? i could push myself over the edg and end it for good. but what is after that? nothing, more pain, joy. i hope it is better than this. i know if i ended it right now more people than i know would care, but they wold only care for about a month. after a couple months roll by no one would even remember what i looked like, or the stuped things i do to try and make their lives better. a couple years go by and i will be completly erased from the world, like i was never even part of this sick experience we like to call life. i know this because i have seen it too many times. sometimes i wonder if i am the only one that holds on to the memories of the ones i have lost. maybe i should forget them so they can be erased too. maybe that is what they wanted, like me. 041017
cyrus the esoteric bridge between this life and the infinity beyond... 041017
pete die ires.. 041017
mourninglight die nacht 041019
no one ever In Christ no one ever dies..

And little babies never die forever, that'a a rule of Heaven
foxykid memories never die...they live forever 051018
narcisstic_grapes i will. if i don't go. 060914
die soon if u are reading this then yoy are going to die five mins after you read this 060926
f.i. perhaps a part of you will. the part that needs to go. making room for something better to be born within. 060926
narcisstic_grapes i went. i didn't die. 061009
everalone I don't want to die. That would take the fun out of it. There's so much to see, and do, and life isn't over yet, I know that. I'm not going to walk out in front of a bus or swing from a rope in a tree or something, just because I feel alone. No, that's stupid. I want to see what life is like in twenty years. I want to see somebody make up for the mistakes our government has made thus far. I want to see if cars really will fly in the future, or if we ever get to live on the moon, or if we can teach monkeys so much that they end up evolving into us. I want to see what WE, the human race, ends up evolving into. I want to see it all, and I'm not going to die. Not yet. 061014
Bam Laden Skate AND! ... 061107
Bam Laden 1 dice, many... 061107
Bam Laden "F" Off and... 061107
kidsa theres all sorts of ideas you can come up with about what happens when you die.
who the fuck knows
who the fuck cares
your dead
QuietChaos I wake up one day,
And think of you and I
And think of how awful,
Yet right it would be to die.
9 "The" auf Deutsch, natuerlich! 070530
penis penis POOP 071112
1d20 Roll me. 071112
krupt why do i hold back?
why don't i press harder?
i just sit here every night contemplating suicide, i draw blood but dont finish the job...
im not a cutter, im not looking for attention, thats why i dont tell anyone what i do at night.
i cry... alot
i cut and burn myself...
im going thru a hard time...
the only reason i keep going is hope, hope that love will find me again, hope that this girl i call a friend will realize that im boyfriend material. i love pain, is that weird? should i be put in a hospital? should i seek help? i dont think so, i think pain is just as normal as any other sensory. i just wish something would kill me... i miss you
Lemon_Soda Feeling a little trapped? 080205
krupt yeah lemon soda... just a little 080206
superleni drumming
the beats you taught me today
when you drummed
and i sang
we were terrible
with tapes and all
and people clapped
and i still love you
Risen I always thought I would die as the result of some act of violence, or trauma. Or, if I'm honest, I thought I would die at my own hand.

This death is not what I envisioned.

And thus I will not let it rise, too.
what's it to you?
who go