angie Spinning in circles under the midnight sky.
Swings softly creak as I fly through the air.
My hair swirling around my face.
I fall into your arms.
Summer's sweetness surrounds our love.
Memories yet to come.
This summer is going to be so beautiful because I will be with you.
queen of darkness the storm is arriving, swirling through our minds.
the evil is captivating us...
Freak Every emotion imaginable floating all around, not knowing which one to feel at which moment.

I can only deal with things one at a time. I just don't know what do deal with first.
Death of a Rose It's getting near the beginning that the swirling chaos stared back and tried to climb the fishing pole. 031011
ferret my fucking brain matter is like, a whirling swirling fuckthing 031011
x twisted x everything always seems to happen at once. and it all just overwhelms me.
i want to scream.
i want to leave this behind.

"I've been thinking about what you said. You're right. Something inside of me is frozen. It's not that I don't feel things, I... I do. I feel love, I feel pain, I feel passion. I feel all of these things inside of me, swirling around, sometimes so, so powerfully that it frightens me."
IKnowWhatsGood I miss being me 050816
BelledeJour I'm still here, 110629
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