meir please let go of my hand. i'm scared. i don't want this, don't make me. i'm starting to cry. 980821
jade synonym for end. 980828
ang every new beginning is some other beginning's end 981116
Rainer in the beginning the was the word, and soon people started to think and to blather 990407
gaudior "no matter where it's barren, a dream is being born."

the thrill of existence
a star being born from fire
or water coming forth from ice
and no matter what ends
we are continually reborn
into a promise of new hope.
bob In the beginning there was darkness. And the darkness was without form and void.

And in addition to the darkness there was also me. And I moved upon the face of the darkness and I saw that I was alone.

Let There Be Light.
jennifer a fresh start. a clean page. renewed and unspur hope. 000319
jennifer a fresh start. a clean page. renewed and unsour hope. 000319
aeiou only one thing exists in the begining and that is an absolute feelimg of being unsure. 000324
VCell Again with the new beginning.
It's like a barrage of constant new beginnings, this life.
It tires me,
Saddens me,
It wears me down.
I look down this path we lead.
I reflect on the goals we seek.
I see ubrupt endings,
Crashing down like a spiral stairwell that's lost its centerpole.
I worry.
For now I want just to lie here with you,
To dream new beginnings.
To let tomorrow worry about itself.
elizabeth finally i finish
i am tired let me rest
stop hurling things at me
i must pick up the pieces
and start again
at the end
a whole new beginning
the world is wider than befor
tuba and triangle freak before the beginning 010801
as opposed to what?
not god tin foil damnation 011216
.blekk.tchynah.dol. i guess that.. in the beginning.. i was happier. 020519
CRO I've recently started a new beginning.
Mental control and training - you could almost say i've discovered religion! I've got straight high-distinctions at university so far.
Physical training and exertion - I've lost 25 pounds in around 6 weeks, given up smoking and am eating right. Never felt better.
People have noticed the changes already.

And I owe it all to somebody who forced me to end something, and start again.
foundation perhaps we better start from the beginning.... 021208
new i want to go back. time is running ahead of me. 021208
*silent screams i want to give you all thatz inside, but everytime the fear strikes, we're right back at the beginning agian. 030206
xXShadow_GoddessXx everything must end sometime...but from that end comes a new beginning. From the new beginning flurishes a new hope of life, where we all can be free from the darkness that trapped our dreams...all in this new beginning, our souls can finally live and breathe in the light. 031019
phil is anything worth starting over? 031212
phil bad question. 031212
phil I am starting to get sleepy, and daydream about all the weird things I've read. Right now I am remembering things I put in my highschool.
The hall south of the cafeteria and the library, holds a short film portraying what someone wrote thought their day at school with a new haircut was like as they entered the the doorway.
Facing the other way and circling around against one of the large white walls with various doors and bathroom hallways the blather fight is going on, arguments about poetry and spelling, I think silent bob was involved, people having notoriously silly arguments after school but still friends. Down a perpendicular hallway some musical notions, arguements about numbers and some personal feelings.

(You can also be sucked back in time to earlier school in a different town, where guns n roses was discussed in the lunch line, the birth of a child was explained, a visit while school was out and a walk down the hall yielding some unusual insights, a rat tail (hairstyle) in the cafeteria and spinach (yuck), along with pencil breaking and teacher hating on the other side of a short brick wall.)

To the right, back in higschool, the Haiku section, staring towards the interior window stuck in the hall wall. The longer you think about haikus, the further you travel through the window until it is all written on the window.
{anning to the left, some mess about futuristic nerd games and a lecture hall, spannig out of seemingly nowhere.
Turn around to see the studio, with the yoga classes. West, an introduction to the ways. You can go south into a big blank wall. A loft above a doorway is to the east. Black electric monks climb ladders up to the loft. (they'll fight if you dress like a fireman) Under the loft is a writing about missing old friends, looking down the hall north you see old and new writings, about the ego, jokes, girls ect., and funny shirt logos. A lot of showing off. Up a set of stairs and through a door is a set of dumb role playing names all mingling happily, and a Quake video game level.
Further north is a path to a white building with lots of holes and waterfalls which connects to a whole other section.

Back under the loft: through the door is the basketball court, with a large cafeteria to some stairs on the right.
Here people argue intensly about who deserves to teach and who needs to listen and yelling is involved. Towards the doorway some people with false credentials, and to the left of the door tall stairs surrounding a doorway. Up the stairs I give a speech about the division and an explanation of excistence. Below in the doorway, in a room built like a locker, forboding thoughts of suicide and conversations dealing in darkness, inner power and portals to dark realms. Down the corridor to the locker room, ventures a tale of finding yourself. And above it all a painting on the cieling of some great heart which seems to rip the roof away.
Outside and around the corner are some trees, a nice place to sit and talk with various other people. Some slides, come off the side of the building and if you wander around long enough you can find some wolves and a house with a room of glass ornaments and jewelry. And you might find someway back northeast to that "whole other section" I was talking about.
phil Inside school, a class where you wrote suck on your pants and brought a call home. Three legged race in the football field. Snow on the side walk. A friend's house. Barefoot football kicker. Forgein language buidlings next to the playground. A basketball court. Drawing in chalk. Standing next to wall looking at height. Other way, swingset slide with hand getting cut on the way down, boys jumping over the fence to the baseball field. People at batting practice. Other way, two soccer fields, one with me getting picked to be on a team, another kicking a girl, and a Disney drawing studio. Returning to school you get in trouble for talking, on the backside of the small buildings outside you keep track of video game character stats. Behind you, you get teleported to the future, and the past. In the past you write joke songs. In the future you get in fights.

The baseball field:
girls, shoes, candy, pop, umpire, sitting in left field, catching a bat in the face, not getting to pitch.
Other field, teeball homerun, trophy.
Teleport to some other baseball field, across the street YMCA father playing basketball, memory ruined, baseball field turns into a drive in, turning and running into some place out in the woods. you have butterflies in your stomach, can't remember what for. At kindergarten, playing with hellicopter leaves with older brother, at house making candles in the driveway, finding other kid named phil. PLaying on the tubes, breaking your leg, fiding snakes, fishing over a fence for candy. Seeing a horse.
Zapped to another place, forts insidw a pine tree with lots of tics, across the street of sand dredgers. Jumping out of trees, hanging up coats, learning colors, raising chickens.
Fighting outside with older kid, and winning. Playing red rover. Brother getting hurt. PLaying with Angela on the slide.

Inside kindergarten watching thundercats laughing while getting hit in the head. Nap time, ect. Showing off broken teeth in the bathroom. Eating green beans. Playing dumb.
nom rocket! 031213
djStar I tell you that I have a long way to go before I am - where one begins... 040813
lou_la_belle i hate that saying "this is the beginning of the end" they use it alot in doomsday movies. and if they dont actually SAY the phrase, we all know that they mean it. anyway, the reason i hate it is cause its true.
this whole thing, where i am once again obsessing over his black hair, blue eyes, amazing smarts, great humour...(oh the list goes on) really is the beginning of an end.
i know it
and i hate it all the more
because i can't stop myself for the life of me.
bittersweet daydreams
are not the way to go
its the best i can do at the moment
lou_la_belle "this is the beginning of the end" i hate that phrase. they always use it in doomsday movies. well, even if they don't use those exact words, everyone knows thats what they mean.
the reason i hate it so much
is cause it's true
this is a new beginning
and it will end
i don't want it too
i knew this before
but i cant't stop myself for the life of me
i just can't!
something about you
your dazzling smile
the way your eyes twinkle
how you laugh and joke


and here we are
at the beginning of the end
bittersweet daydreams
are not the way to go
but it's the best i can do for now
lou argh!! i hate it when that happens! sorry! 040814
Syrope "and the world thought i had it all
but i was waiting for you"
Chase There is no such different part of work than the beginning! 050716
rage i've quit both coffee and smoking today. bring on getting better... 051129
badjonni new beginnings

always come

from the end

gourmet toss beginning to end is like end to beginning 081102
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